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Thread: Uncharted 2 multiplayer on a test

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    imtoodvs Guest

    Uncharted 2 multiplayer on a test

    its been kinda dry on the test side lately so here's this weeks question

    tried playing uncharted on the test since my nephews took over the retail ps3 last weekend, and i had the most interesting thing happen. i was able to make it to the lobby, but couldn't find any players.

    first i changed the np environment to retail
    took the wep off the net connection, the skipped the update 0.00 when the game first loads.

    it could be possible that the update is needed for multiplayer or i need a lan connection.

    also how do we get debug updates for retail games?

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    idone Guest
    It is common to need the latest patch to play online with most any game.

    You should be able to sort your other question out with a little trial and error by playing around with your settings

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