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Thread: UKIE Welcomes Sony's Action Against PS3 JailBreak ModChips

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    UKIE Welcomes Sony's Action Against PS3 JailBreak ModChips

    Over the weekend more legal documents surfaced as part of an ongoing effort to extinguish the PS3 JailBreak, and today (linked above) reports that video games and interactive entertainment trade body UKIE welcomes Sony's swift action against PS3 JailBreak modchips.

    To quote: SCEE reacted quickly to its becoming available, writing to the companies that advertised and stocked the Break device and advising them to desist in selling the illegal product.

    Most companies that were contacted complied immediately and ceased to stock and to sell the product. Court orders were swiftly obtained against those companies that continued to sell the product and they have now also stopped selling the PS3 Break modchips.

    UKIE's Director General, Michael Rawlinson, said, "Having our member, SCEE, respond so quickly to prevent the sale of illegal PS3 modification chips shows the commitment that the video games and interactive entertainment industry has to stamping out intellectual property theft.

    Intellectual property theft is a hugely damaging crime both to the individuals whose creativity is stolen and to the businesses that make up Britain's video games and interactive entertainment industry.

    UKIE's own anti-piracy unit works tirelessly to combat the illegal trading of video games and we welcome Sony's swift and committed response to dealing with the illegal sale of the PS3 Break modchip."

    [imglink=|UKIE Welcomes Sony's Action Against PS3 JailBreak ModChips][/imglink]
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    Preceptor Guest
    Yep, capitalism will continue to screw customers over in favor of huge corporations. I hope they burn in hell

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    Indeed, it is definitely no surprise that trade bodies such as UKIE are now praising Sony for their efforts... I'm betting next will be the ESA posting a press release on how great a job they are doing.

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    fugi702 Guest
    It's how it works here... they want your money, they'll do anything for it... except care about what you think or playing fair for that matter.

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    Bishoff Guest
    Just another stab at the consumers lack of rights.

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    slow123 Guest
    hey, UKIE, when you finished licking the crap from sony's behind why don't you suck the cheese from mine. (<--- well you get the idea)

    Sad to say now this is typically British, no balls and when someone with money and authority comes knocking we are ready on all fours to accept it in the arse.

    Over the last 20 years I have watched my beautiful country and country men/women decline to weakness and greed in our hearts and minds, it is a sad place to be, my country, but she is still my country.

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    enohand Guest
    so your saying you have a cheese build up do to lack of wiping/? lol j/k

    but yeah thats what the WORLD has become, greedy,... its like holding a carrot in front of a horse & riding on its back... the horse will keep trying & trying to get that carrot & will keep walking & walking ...but in the end, it may only get to nibble on it...

    we are the horse, the carrot is money, & the person riding on our backs are the rich people saying "oh you can get rich to & have all the things i have, if you keep working hard down there & let me sit on your back & do nothing!

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    shummyr Guest
    I can't say that I'm not surprised, could see the writing on the wall for this one a hundred miles away.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    More the merier - more publicity = more people will know that it's possible to JB PS3 ...

    They simply can't stop it anymore. There is so many various JB solutions that Sony simply have no chance of stopping / blocking them all.

    The JB sellers will get more clever - rename the device to something neutral, ship it without the code loaded and Sony can go and jump of the bridge. Or simply they'll sell it from other countries which have sane laws or no (IP) laws at all

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    SaveU Guest
    Damn, mine just got shipped today. I hope they clear all the way to canada..

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