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Thread: UKIE Welcomes Sony's Action Against PS3 JailBreak ModChips

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    Ecniv Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SaveU View Post
    Damn, mine just got shipped today. I hope they clear all the way to canada..
    As long as the court doesn`t make a ruling yet you should be in the clear because as we all know "everybody" is inocent untill PROVEN guilty...

    At least that`s what they make us believe...

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    syphonlord Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by slow123 View Post
    hey, UKIE, when you finished licking the crap from sony's behind why don't you suck the cheese from mine. (<--- well you get the idea)

    Sad to say now this is typically British, no balls and when someone with money and authority comes knocking we are ready on all fours to accept it in the arse.

    Over the last 20 years I have watched my beautiful country and country men/women decline to weakness and greed in our hearts and minds, it is a sad place to be, my country, but she is still my country.
    NO this is not typically british, its typically world policie now, and i don't know what country men and women youve been watching decline to weakness but they certainly were not british, only thing right you said was that britain is a beautiful country, oh and you want sony to suck the cheese from your behind. sorry but don't make this just a british thing, when its happining all over.

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    All pigs eating from the same trough.

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    whinis Guest
    I am not so sure of that, I ordered mine last week and it has been stuck in Winnipeg since the day it shipped.

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    kidd78 Guest
    If it was a British company that made this then maybe UKIE wouldnt get so much involved. Doesn't really matter about the lawsuits as its out in the open the hardware and software, they just trying to put out a wildfire and its not gonna be very easy to do so.

    It's worse for them with the internet sharing, $ony can't stop everything the more they do the more hackers want to fight agaisnt them. Its a shame its a double edge sword with hacking, one hand you get free games and software on the other the companies that make the games will slowly pull out. I guess they will wait on the next generation consoles.

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    Tatsh2DX Guest
    Heh, why aren't more people just getting generic devices with the right USB controllers? I got my Teensy 2.0 (this shop ran out of Teensy++ immediately after PSGroove was released) and it works great. I know it doesn't look pretty (just a PCB) but it works.

    Sony is not about to launch a campaign against hobbyist electronics-type shops. They will lose so badly it WILL be funny.

    My friend in China (Shanghai) said these are all over the place if you know how to look and he doesn't even speak Chinese much.

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    Rocky5 Guest
    Cant they just sell the units without the firmware? that way its no illegal (because if it was then that would mean any of the other hardware's would be to) and then you use PSGroove firmware as this will never vanish, if it needs to go underground it will.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Sad newz, PS3 Break is a good clone or maybe the original, who knows for sure?! I got mine and it's working real good, AT90USB162 inside, low prices and good support. Well, I think they will just rename it and sell again with no code.

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    TheDevil Guest
    Well i aint surpriced at all. All my UK friends complain about how "strict" its become there. ISPs monitoring internet use and any kinda of modding has become illegal. Even illegal to import consoles from other regions.

    Quite clear that they are striking down on the jb because it can be used with pirated games. But what if you are a game collector like me and just want to play backups of the original games that i own, because itll save wear and tear on my originals and theyll play faster too. It isnt illegal to open up your ps3 .. im sure Sony dont want me to .. but its my console and i own it. If i want to smash open my console with a crowbar then it 100% legal. Also we dont ban crowbars totally just because it could be used to make break-ins? No we dont.

    Think if Sony & UKIE used all those resources to actually try and stop REAL pirates from selling copies. World is so messed up .. you can legally buy unhealthy stuff (like booze and tobacco) because there is money in it. But if something is in the way of a bit corporation then itll get banned. Why dont we ban coat-hangers too .. they can be used to break into cars

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kidd78 View Post
    Its a shame its a double edge sword with hacking, one hand you get free games and software on the other the companies that make the games will slowly pull out.
    The same way they've "pulled out" from developing for Xbox, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS or any other console for that matter?

    You seems to read to much of "SciFi" (aka "official" reports on damages done by piracy) ...

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