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Thread: Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

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    evilsperm Guest

    Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

    Update: A VirtualBox Image of Ubuntu_x86 10.10 with tools to compile PS3 Jailbreak Files as well as PS3 Applications/Packages has now reached its FINAL RELEASE which includes Multi SDK Support (both 3.41 and 1.92) with details HERE and updated download links below!

    I have created a PS3 JailBreak Virtualbox Image of Ubuntu_x86 with all the tools to compile PSGroove and extract/create PS3 .PKG files.

    This is for anyone who does not want to wait for others to compile PSGroove or those who just want to learn how it all works

    Download: Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove / Ubuntu 10.10 PS3 Multi SDK

    You will need:

    • VirtualBox - Included

    Login info once you get up and running:

    User = evilsperm
    Pass = password
    sudo su password = password

    To switch back and forth from 3.41 SDK to 1.92 SDK is very easy.

    To switch SDK's:

    On the desktop you will see a folder called SDK_Selector
    Open that Dir and double click on the SDK you woudld like to use.
    Select Run In Terminal, type in the password and hit enter.
    The Terminal will disappear and the SDK you selected is ready for use!

    This is a **Final Stable Release** until a new SDK is leaked.
    Credit goes to (jtanner) for this Awesome Idea of multi switching sdk's!

    I will seed this too 100% for the next few days, but keep in mind I am not on my Fiber optic connection at the moment so please be patient as I seed, also seed this as long as you can and don't be a leech


    [imglink=|Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives][/imglink]
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    Props for submitting this evilsperm and +Rep as well.

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    luxx Guest

    the download link dosenīt work.

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    I believe it's a torrent file, so you would have to be familiar with how to use them in order to download the actual image.

    I don't use torrents myself, but I'm sure there are enough people here who do that can help out.

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    wickedpenguinbo Guest

    Thanks for this, It will cut down the HEX request. Just one questions though. Do you require a third party compiler still or is this part of the package? Also what do you reccomend for HEX programmer for linux?
    Quote Originally Posted by luxx View Post

    the download link dosenīt work.
    It's a torrent, you need to have a torrent software like Utorrent or Bitcomet to use this. Once you torrent software installed, it will recognise the link. But if you dont know what a torrent is, then you should be probably stay aware from linux Distro's.

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    Breach Guest


    Great news. Thanks for this.

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    evilsperm Guest
    One thing to add, if you go to make or extract a pkg and it gives you an error with libstdc++5 missing blah blah blah.

    just download:

    And simply install it by double clicking on it, or through the command line you can run this:
    sudo dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3.6-17ubuntu1_i386.deb
    That might error on you as well but it should be installed.
    You might also need to reboot the VM.


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    evilsperm Guest
    Ghex should do nicely if you need a hex editor or even vi if you like.

    To switch to hex mode when editing a file in vi.
    The command for switching is not very obvious so, open a file in vi as usual, hit escape and type:
    to switch into hex mode
    And when your done hit escape again and type:
    :%!xxd -r
    to exit from hex mode.

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    The file is also hosted by a private tracker. You need to register in order to get the torrent file to start your download. IIRC, you need an invite code from an existing member. Send me a message if you want one.

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    avojps24 Guest


    great work evil sperm! +rep!... downloading right now @ 520kB/s should be finished in 20 minutes, but of-course I will be seeding as well!

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