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    Mar 2006
    If someone needs this for development and needs an invite.. pm me.

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    Thanks Evilsperm! I was hoping someone would do exactly this.

    My linux skills are a tad rusty & this will get me started nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucifer Kain View Post
    Who needs an invite code?
    Would you be so kind as to toss one my way as well, please? Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cSharpShooter View Post
    The file is also hosted by a private tracker. You need to register in order to get the torrent file to start your download. IIRC, you need an invite code from an existing member. Send me a message if you want one.
    Hi cSharp,

    Can you send me an invite to


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    How big is the package, and do you want a mirror for it?

    I have about 4TB of bandwidth I'm willing to share as long as it's legal and won't get me sued by Sony

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    Good news for VirtualBox or VMware.

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    Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what this does, and if it will work on the ti-84?

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    I would put this on thepiratebay but their site is being a pain right now and deleting my accounts then telling me the captch isn't correct and my email and username(s) are incorrect when trying to make a new account...

    Any of you can modify the .torrent and add trackers then post here for people to use that .torrent instead.

    garretts228 :
    This isn't for you at all lol and most likely 99% of the people out there.

    I wouldn't host it if I were you then

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    I thought the only reason they could sue is if there is sony code built in, but I'm not 100% sure.

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    Hey, I come from the xbox 360 I was a homebrew dev for it, I was just wanting to know what exactly this does or what its for I dont appreciate just being told it's not for me... this is why I fail at learning how to do things for the ps3, the community isn't so great for new comers and thats why I fail to do shit for the ps3 scene...

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