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Thread: Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

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    evilsperm Guest
    I just submitted everything to the site news so hopfully they will jump on it fast because I made it very complete for them to just approve it.

    But in the mean time here you go with Compiled hex's.

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    dentnu Guest
    Thanks Evil I really appreciate all your help


    Quick question Evil what does the syscall8 do ? what is it for ? Is it for developing apps and stuff ?


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    evilsperm Guest
    Thats what it looks like. I have posted all the info to the site news so others can have a look as well.

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    Johnny2good Guest
    i've put my seeder on it bro i'll let it run for aslong as you want good speeds for ya lol.

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    mariodab Guest
    Hey evil, what do you do to the original source to make it compatible with linux? Is it release in two different forms or do you have to do something to the original source to make it compile with linux? Got your files working beautifully by the way, no issues whatsoever.

    I really want to be as self sufficient as possible. Knowing how to get the source to work with linux is my ultimate goal. That way I can do everything on my own with the virtual ubuntu you provided. Thanks for this great information!

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    fugi702 Guest
    thx bro. i had not used my demonoid account in a year or two haha. awesome, gonna give this a run.

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    FNS Guest
    I'm using Backup Manager 2 so do I still need this? Thanks

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    grubby Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by theonewithaban View Post
    As far as i can see the FuxSony release is stil incomplete. A few linux binaries are missing, so use XP with Msys/mingw to compile apps.
    Yeah, it's missing the native linux PPU/SPU binaries. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any SDK leaks that actually include them.

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    evilsperm Guest
    I'll say it one last time... It's missing nothing you have to use linkbacks for what "you think is missing" pointing to the .exe files and have whine installed... good thing this was all done for you in a virtualbox...

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    grubby Guest
    It's nothing to do with your packaging, the linux PPU/SPU binaries were just not in the leaked SDK archive which is why you have to "linkback" to the windows executables.

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