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Thread: Tutorial "Clean" Ps3 Backup Tool

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    UnlockIt Guest

    Thumbs Up Tutorial "Clean" Ps3 Backup Tool

    1 - Save your Ps3 system in usb >4gb or external hdd
    2 - Plug Usb or hdd external to pc
    3 - Copy all files/folders from usb/hdd (PS3\EXPORT\BACKUP\200901031321)
    to a new folder in PC
    4 - Rename any pkg to archive_00.dat and replace existing file in the new folder
    5 - Format usb/hdd to fat32
    6 - Copy files from the new folder back to usb/hdd ONLY in this order =>
    archive2.dat + archive.dat + archive_00.dat
    (This step is crucial to fix 99% error)

    Tutorial based from information of Giulio19992, it should work.

    Post Results here!

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for posting this guide UnlockIt and +Rep!

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    cyberbob Guest
    Ok, thanks for this, i will give it a try tonight at home and post result.

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    stef1578 Guest
    i'll try in 10 minutes thx for tutorial

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    yuco91 Guest
    Well. Try It !

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    fede179070 Guest
    Thanks nice guide has someone tried?


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    cp737 Guest
    still no go!

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    idone Guest
    I am getting some details sorted by Giulio right now and will post once better clarification is made about the process.

    This is to help prevent some of the flaming and defamation i have seen circulating.

    Hope to have things cleared up soon.

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    stef1578 Guest
    don't work for me
    usb stick (8Gb) error 99%.

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    fede179070 Guest
    i think it's ok becouse the file is signed for debugs not retail consoles so the Hypervisor checks it and blocks the backup...

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