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    footylad Guest
    Remember to use your own Archieve.dat files from your own backup, using Giulio's won't work on ur PS3 for obvious reasons. Also, as a start test to see if it works, use the same .PKG MGS4DB as Giulio did, and then once you can get that to work, you have a basis to move fowards with.


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    aries2k6 Guest
    I tried with a greater than 4gb backup and a less than 4gb backup but couldnīt get the corrupt icon. This is on a pal 60gb ps3, FW 2.43

    I did use Guilios file though. I know the reasons are obvious but I kind of thought that was the whole point. getting past those obvious checks.

    I did try a few of my own converted pkgs. Everytime I had to format the hard drive. if I chose not to the ps3 would crash and say correct hard drive not found.

    I had never played around with the backup tool. so at least I learned a little about it. I really donīt think the order you copy the files makes any difference. Iīm also guessing that the archive.dat is maybe indexing in some way the archive_00.dat. So Iīm not sure if just changing one is going to go anywhere except a corrupt icon, if your lucky.

    I did find that you can change files from different backups and the backup will restore with different results. I took one file from a backup over 4gb and added it to another backup but kept the archive2_01.dat name. I also replaced the archive2.dat file but left the archive2_00.dat from the small backup. what happened was the files from the archive2_01.dat files were restored and not the archive2_00.dat files from the original backup.

    no corrupt icons though. well, Iīm to tired to try anything else.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    SRY for that question. Did he use the MGS4DM .pkg? Or does he have the game allready on the sys as he have make the backup?

    I tried with lemmings.pkg and the Backup Tool. All worked fine like in the vid. But there is no lemmings on my xmb.

    I have a 60GB PS3 and will now try the "Clean" method.

    Guys did you do the procedere described by Unlockit?

    archive2.dat + archive.dat + archive_00.dat it has to be in this order for it to work...
    Such a BS.If i do so the PS3 will not reconize the folder.If i put the archive2_00.dat back into my test2 folder ps3 than could recognize the folder again.

    And still no lemmings or broken icon on my sys.

    I will now download a demo and will than restart my tests.If im not wrong than he have allready the demo on the sys at the time he make the backup.

    And this just a POC how to put .pkg on the ps3 without the need of formating.


    WOW -- OMG Some thing strange and really interesting happend.

    Normaly after a download of a demo we have to install it before we could use it.
    So i downloaded the Sonic demo with my *exploited* ps3 and at the installation point the game allready was ready to play and dont need a install.

    I will try it with a hidden download maybe with time i have some thing forgoten and the installation is only needed at a hidden download.


    Ok i was a little bit to enthusiasm. With a hidden download the game have to be isntalled

    But i have some other progress. No -- no broken icon or something but i downloaded 2 games and start to download super rub a dup in the background. Go back to xmb and canceled the download.Ereased the other 2 games and again started a test. This time i used SraD as .pkg.

    Backup process was fine as the last oneīs and as showed in the vid.This time the two demos appear but again no SraD.

    So i think this is more a POC than anything else. It shows that there is a way to inject a .pkg into your hdd without the need to format. But i dont know for what this could be used and there for im not a dev

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    khamz Guest


    what is this backing up thing really do?

    it's like download ps3 game file and then burn to dvd and play it or what?

    explaining plz

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You probably should read a bit more before posting... but all this does is manually attempt to do what Giulio19992 posted about (search for his long thread here) a few weeks back.

    It ended up not working for anyone but Giulio19992 so most people labeled it as useless... and in some cases called it fake even.

    In short, this does not allow you to play PS3 back-ups (there is no way to do it at the moment, until a retail PS3 hole is found). On that note, it's definitely time to close this thread now as this method/attempt was given up on weeks ago since nobody could re-create what Giulio19992 claimed.

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