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Thread: Trying to transform iPhoneDev to Ps3Dev

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    jirachi155 Guest

    Lightbulb Trying to transform iPhoneDev to Ps3Dev

    This evening i have had an idea.. i downloaded vfdecrypt that is a firmware decrypter for iphone.

    i tried to use the DOS command for decrypt the iphone fw ([COLOR="blue"]vfdecrypt -i 022-3894-4.dmg -k d0a0c0977bd4b6350b256d6650ec9eca419b6f961f593e74b7 e5b93e010b698ca6cca1fe -o decrypted.dmg[/COLOR]) obviously changing the ".dmg" files with the .pkg one.

    Here the command "-k" removes the crypted key from the firmware and create in the same folder another dectypted file (decrypted.dmg)

    Anyway..when i try it, the result is that the command-line run and i obtained (of course) another crypted pkg...
    i was just thinking about how a key (d0a0c0977bd4b6350b256d6650ec9eca419b6f961f593e74b 7e5b93e010b698ca6cca1fe) of the iphone fw "runs" with a ps3 pkg? i tried to change the key but it isn't the same thing..the command doesn't why it consider THAT key right? :/

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    livpool Guest
    i actually have no idea, but it sounds like it could be useful.. hope a dev will see this.

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    jirachi155 Guest
    i think it could be useful only for knowing the length of the key... infact if you shorten or lunge the key... you receive an error message.

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