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    Contributor ClasHPRO's Avatar
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    Lightbulb Trick your PS3 to think it is at 3.30?

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    1. Download OFW - 3.15
    2. Download OFW - 3.30
    3. Download a HEX edditor
    4. Open both file (3.15, and 3.30) with HEX editor
    5. Compare files
    6. Change in 3.15 -to the line 210 - copy all lines to 210 in 3.30, and paste it to 3.15 they change only the name
    7. Make the filesize on 3.15 - like 3.30 fit only with (00)
    8. Save the modified 3.15 - like PS3UPDAT.PUP
    9. Go find a USB Flash drive
    10. Make the file structure on it - PS3/UDPATE
    11. Put the PS3UPDATE.PUP (that you make) with folder UPDATE on USB flash
    12. Power on console
    13. Disconnect on the network (disable)
    14. Put the USB flash drive
    15. Select on PS3 menu - SYSTEM UPDATE
    16. Select - use USB
    17. Sustem detect update and then agree with agreement
    18. Wait
    19. You ready - enjoy 3.30 custom made with easy steps

    this update cheat only system - this do nothing
    it's renamed 3.15.
    no need to thanks - just enjoy.

    I found this on the net... what do you think is this possible?

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    That's fake. I tried this way before 2.60 was released.

    Do not try it, PS3 will just say invalid update package.

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    because it stored in something like a zip but it has to be signed with the encryptions key for pup file (HMAC) - KEY which geohot must know to signed his own pup file.

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    Alright, well the method sounded pretty reasonable but I guess it is too simplistic to actually work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClasHPRO View Post
    Alright, well the method sounded pretty reasonable but I guess it is too simplistic to actually work.
    yep, i'm totally agree with you sounds fake for me

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    simple... does this work to fake 3.20 and continue to be in 3.15?

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    if you just want to play your game discs that need online and have lan option in the game just use xlink kai software then make a arena. i tried this and it works for warhawk and other game discs.

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    If it was that simple to fool PS3, it would have been hacked on the day it was out.

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    That would be very nice if it actually could work.

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    Get real guys. We are talkin about encryption and hashes and you are telling us that a simple hex edit will work...


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