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    Herogen Guest

    Thoughts about the Factory/Service Mode

    Hi Folks!

    I was wondering if, when put in service mode, the PS3 will accept the debug-fw. This would be a logical conclusion because the the debug/test-ps3 is at least in hardware identically to the retail versions, so there must be "something" that tells the ps3 that it is a debugging station. so if the debug-fw doesn't tell the console to BE a debug-console, maybe this service mode will give us some more options.

    can anybody tell me how to get into this service mode or what is different from the normal mode? i am developing a simple hdd-scanner that scans for differences on a freshly-zeroed hd. i will post source here because i compile on osx, but any standard c-compiler should do, but i am not finished yet. the main reason to get the diff is to determine what on the hd is encrypted as per-ps3 and what is not, and to see what the ps3 writes onto the hd if it was told to quick-format.

    but back to topic.... the questions are "what could be done in service-mode?" and "would this be a way to get a full-working debug-fw?"

    if this is posted in the wrong category please move it, i can't get access now to the dev-forum because i only post if i got something to tell or have a question about dev-oriented things, and thats not that often as this board requires

    best regards,

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    Apr 2005
    I mentioned this in the Site News post comments but... until the PS3 Devs can dump and examine the PS3 Factory/Service Mode Firmware I think they have the same questions you do as to what can be done with it, how to get into Service Mode, and what can be accomplished while in that mode.

    Unfortunately this is one of those "time will tell" areas...

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    mattscool01 Guest
    Service mode should allow full access to the NANDs to repair bricked PS3s. This may allow full debug FW to run, but there is no information on how it works, so its a guess. I have a bricked PS3 that had debug and was being looked through by a few people, but an update failed and bricked it.

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    Apr 2005


    There is (non-public) information on how it works, the issue is the PDF details the process with hardware and software that isn't available... so it isn't much use right now outside of Sony. For example:
    PLAYSTATION3 ID swapping procedure



    A. Preparation
    B. USB mode
    C. PinJig mode
    D. Result

    Apx. Note & Knowhow


    A-1. Setting of [Target] PS3

    1) From main power switch off Console Reset Jig (supplied from SCEI CS)
    2) Connect Console Reset Jig to [Target] PS3 with USB cable

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    mattscool01 Guest
    Hopefully the NAND can be dumped and NDTs methods can be used to get other PS3s into service mode.

    I have a theory about how service mode works. A USB device is detected upon bootup and the PS3 boots from the USB device. The USB device may be an installer that installs a minimal XMB. The PS3 is then rebooted and the minimal XMB is booted, which would then normally be updated to retail firmware. Someone at Sony must have forgot to update it to retail and it is now in service mode.

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