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  1. #11
    teusjuh Guest

    level2 dump possible

    is there an chance now that ps3jailbreak thing comes and allow homebrew/unsigned code to make an level2 dump??

  2. #12
    tjay17 Guest
    That is an interesting possibility.

  3. #13
    Pcsx2006 Guest
    With PSJB in hands of Devs (CJPC, HADES TEAM, RICHDIVX, XORLOSER) i think everything is possible.

  4. #14
    whinis Guest
    Think we could also get a complete custom firmware similar to psp..

  5. #15
    tripellex Guest
    CFW may be a possibility at some point, but I think part of the main problem is, we still need the encryption keys from the Cell in order to do anything truly useful. There are numerous great people/teams currently working on the problem(s) and potential solutions.

    I'm by no means a dev or much of a hacker, but if I were, I'd first tackle trying to map all I/O functions within the SPEs, then move to trying to elevate privileges to run unsigned code in a mode higher than game mode, and lastly obtaining the encryption keys from the Cell and BD-Drive.

  6. #16
    teusjuh Guest
    i hope the stick make exploits possible to have a real hello world.

  7. #17
    Preceptor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by teusjuh View Post
    i hope the stick make exploits possible to have a real hello world.
    Mate, it does allow execution of unsigned code, so a Hello World should be a piece of cake. The 'hello world' is a program used as a proof of concept that a system has been hacked, but they already made a backup launcher, so a Hello World right now has no meaning at all.

  8. #18
    teusjuh Guest
    yep but with stick, i mean a hello world without stick and then full access to the system.

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