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Thread: Theoretical Exploit for PS3

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    dynamick36 Guest

    Theoretical Exploit for PS3

    I've been doing some research and have found that psx and ps2 mem cards will be in the form of virtual memory cards on the ps3. I also came across a thread that stated that there will be a memory card adapter for the ps2 to be able to transfer saves to the ps3. if that is the case then wouldn't it be possible to copy the files needed for the memory card exploit onto the virtual memory card? or is it not that simple? maybe the ps3 does not support .elf extensions? somebody should give it a shot...

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    Although I can't say 100% yet, it's my best guess that the PS3 will have the exploit hole blocked/plugged as the v12+ PS2 consoles already do... but time will tell for sure, eh?

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    PS3 Triangle Button

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilla View Post
    At EA, we were able to launch games via network cables using ProDG to the devkits. The executable files were elfs generally. Some insider info for ya
    Like this, eh?

    Ironically, the $ony PS3 SDK is more "in the open" than the PSP SDK from what I've seen... :??

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    johnnydavid Guest
    Awesome news, lets hope some of the games are able to be burned to DVDR (9GB about) and booted from there.

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    Chiyo Guest
    How can i transfer my PS2 saves to my PS3, i could try it, i tryed the magic swap thing, and i can confirm 100% it works, to bad i cant swap the disc to my backup games

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    sabeer99 Guest
    Yeah swap magic loads. If anyone else has a ps3 (Chiyo) please check out if any of the HDD utils work. Things like HD Advance. I don't own any of them so I can't test them. Chiyo, you have to use the memory card usb adaptor. These are actually pretty scarce in japan. Keep looking though. I tried to get a hold of one, but to no avail.

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    Chiyo Guest
    Well atm im not in Japan, not till march, im now on Curacao, and im pretty shure to find non here, the dont even sell slim PS2 here, and whan i buyed a new PSP this week it was a virgen 1.50.

    As for HD Advance, i dont have it here on the island, ill be in The Netherlands in three weeks, so i can test it than

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    sabeer99 Guest
    l33t. thanx, I would test it out myself, but I don't have HD Advance.

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