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    Test PS3 run backup PS2 games?

    as title states and can it run PS2 games of any region?

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    If it is patched to MASTER, im pretty sure they do.

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    Yet again, idone is on the ball. A master disk patched PS2 game should work fine!

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    Surely, it's a patched Ps2 DvD Game Disc, it's should work correctly in ps3 80 Gb if the disc work same in the ps2.

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    the language you used is somewhat i am not sure what you are trying to say....

    Modded ps2 play backups.
    A hot swap on a retail ps3 will get a 1:1 ps2 backup running.

    Patching a disc to master is for test ps2's and ps2 games on test ps3's.

    A master disc will not run on an unmodded retail ps2 or ps3..

    Do you understand tato??? i dont think i can make it much clearer...

    If you have a debugging station there is a disc patcher out there or it can be done in a hex editor if you prefer. But this is not some magical solution for retail consoles to play backups, it is a feature for developers to test their games on "testing" hardware. It is comparable to how ps3 images must be signed for debug use, only much less technical.

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