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Thread: TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

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    TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

    According to talmagal on (linked above), the recent release of PSGroove has led to an OpenPSJailBreak project port of the PS3 exploit to Sony's PSP handheld device dubbed TeensyPSPJailBreaker.

    It will be awhile before a release, but the project is currently being led by eavpsp via his Blog and Twitter.

    Below are some preliminary details, but for updates please use his Twitter until there is a release so that our Forums don't flood with tiny tweets on the project's percentages completed... as that is what Twitter is for, eh? :p

    "This port will be using CWCheats ability to read hex files and hopefully be able to run as a enumerated usb dongle. When ready a public beta will be released.

    Actually the plan is:

    1. Recode the Remote Joy Open Source to configure the Type B driver
    2. Then create a Teensy emulator to be ran on the PSP using the psgroove LUFA source files
    3. Then creating an alternate Teensy Hex Installer from that open source so that when the emulator is on, it will, act as a virtual Teensy USB dongle and the Hex will be installed onto the emulator.
    4. Then enable the type B driver i edited earlier, connect it to the PS3 and the PS3 will read it as if it were a an actuall Teensy Dongle

    I dropped the cwcheat idea due to the fact that this is a much faster and easier alternative!

    I may have jumped into the frying pan when i wasnt supposed to, but I inspired other programmers to help along the way. One follower tole me "Succeed or Fail, we will always remember your efforts!" and thats all i ask!!

    Keep Hope Alive... until the resurrection of the great psp god... Dark-Alex returns.

    Change Up!!! I decided to make the USB Dongle: Teensy and use the open source Teensy Loader software so I can recode it and make it install the Hex onto the Teensy PSP emulator. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to make the app and make it easier to use!!

    I need someone who thoroughly understands the OpenPSJailbreak source code.. I'm working on the PSP Teensy emulator."

    [imglink=|TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development][/imglink]
    [imglink=|TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development][/imglink]
    [imglink=|TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    clouduzz Guest
    lol this is great so many alternatives being developed

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    emkanine Guest
    Nice! Can't wait, this will make the psgroove much more wide-spread, beacuse them at90usb's are SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    cool, but it's been renamed to "EAVPS3Jailbreak" (see at the screen )

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    Yea, the last pic shows the name I put... apparently the kid is only 14 or something, so it will probably be renamed another 20 times as he changes girlfriends or deodorant brands.

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    mark29 Guest
    awesome, shame my psps has a broken usb port!

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    chrykel Guest
    Excuse my ignorance but does this mean that this can be put on a regular usb in cwcheat form then it will beable to read on ps3? I'm familiar with cwcheats (I hacked my psp m33 up to gen) but the rest is just making my brain hurt with all the talk about hex codes and junk! And as for the dongle would I beable to use a wireless adapter (netgear) dongle if needed?

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    Jelf Guest
    [email protected] hopefully he don't have any girlfriends and shuts himself away to get it done

    At last a real purpose for the psp

    Also heard there's going to be an iPhone app lmao can't wait

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    zzk2001 Guest
    very good work, i was thinking the Same thing with Cwcheat i hope you get this up and going some time soon, My Rockband disk is starting to show it's age

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    I have been checking his Twitter updates throughout the day! I actually got a new Twitter account EXCLUSIVELY for PS3 jailbreak information. So I hope to see this soon, I was considering doing this for my brother or buying the the BlackCat kit and programming him one for his birthday as long as he lets me borrow his PS3 and test it and play with it.

    But, PSP hack would be great, if it is released soon, I will have to check on my brothers PSP and see what firmware he is running, I dont think he even has custom firmware b/c someone gave him that PSP for computer work and he didn't even play it much.

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