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    where can we get PSPGroove?

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    Sep 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Yngwiedis View Post
    PSPGroove by Krost is released !!!
    As far as I can tell it's only a POC/WIP.

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    Sorry for my last post. He only release a proof of concept files.

    The port is not finished yet.

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    he will probably be done by tomorrow night.

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    i believe its there gui tryed it on 5.50 it showes it but says game cannot start, don't know if i want to downgrade till proven.

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    Jun 2009
    Would this be good for running homebrew, & ISO files of new releases without the need to patch, maybe bring some 6.XX OFW Features to CFW???

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    Sep 2009
    This one doesn't need 1.50 kernel and runs on my Gen-D3 fat.

    It's just a POC/WIP

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    Jun 2005
    Just tried the Poc (btw PS3NEWS linked it on page 6 -!!!)

    Unfortunately my (phat) PSP is currently on 5.50GEN-D2 so it doesn't start (according to the notes in the info files PSP needs to be on "5.00 m33 CFW and a 1.50 kernel addon")

    Haven't got time to find files, downgrade tonight just to try it - so will try tomorrow if no-one else has by then!.

    On my PSP i just get a game cannot start error (as half expected).


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    I downgraded from 5.50 GEN-D3 to 5.00 m33-6 just now, so I'll give it a try in a sec. Let me just make sure I've got the 1.50 kernel add-on.

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    how would you downgrade from POC/WIP, and also whats a POC/WIP

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