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    I'm pretty skeptical. What do his "screenshots" show? That he's running Linux and was able to use git? He can code a virtual USB driver for the PSP, but he can't do a proper screen capture?

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    true ?

    is true ???

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    If you believe that then I have this miracle immortality ring for you and just because I like you, you can have it for only $250.

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    Looks promising.

    I haven't posted on a console forum in probably 5 years (since ps2newz died). This is amazing finally feel at home again in a backup/hacking forum!!!

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    The video looks like the psp port is on it's way

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    maybe a .lua with .gifs images, or a video.

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    There wouldn't be any loading for such an app, there is nothing to load...

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    Quote Originally Posted by da60gigger View Post
    The video looks like the psp port is on it's way
    Lol eavpsp only made a "fake gui" (His own words). He wanted to manipulate other developers to do the rest of the work for him so he could get the credit for it all.

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    Wondering if a psp jailbreak will come in the next couple of days, cant wait as my teensy++ will take two-three weeks to come.

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    Can anybody explain where the PSP Type B-usb-enumeration took place? In the toolchain or somewhere in the cfw? I tried editing the usbhostfs's device descriptor, but while connect, the V_ID/P_ID/etc.. are the same as before. (even in the prx's src, there is no reference to it... defined, but i didn't found reference to it)

    I'm not promising anything.. just fiddling around..

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