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    This is the source as far as I can tell.

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    It looks shopped I can see by the pixels.

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    Well, It looks like EAVPSP's port has gone up in smoke. He is now saying he would "try" and emulate the teensy, seems like he said the right thing at the right time, and gained notoriety.

    Honestly, just order a blackcat USB and don't hold your breath for a psp port - one of math's team are working on it, but they didn't include the backup loader in their release, so I doubt it would be present in the (currently theoretical) psp port.

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    OK now there's some talk in the internet that apparently there's code being made for the PSP, which allows the PSP to act like a Teensy++ board (or like an Teensy++ USB Development Board or AT90USBKEY, etc ..) .... This effectively means that we dont have to buy such a board if we own a PSP, which applies in my case ..

    Can someone confirm whether this news is true or not, since I've heard both that its real and that its a fake rumour .. Also, if its real, any ETA ??

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    The Teensy++ emulation based port is being done by (if the other rumors I've heard are correct) a 14 year old with very limited programming experience, at least on the PSP, and there is no ETA at this time, though he has said he hopes to be done by October. I wouldn't hold my breath were I you.

    There is also a port supposedly being worked on by Mattthias and his team of PSGroove, though that will not have backup loader support if and when it is released and it may not be released any time soon either.

    For the time being, any of the programmable dev boards are by far the quickest and cheapest way to get an exploit in your hands, assuming you can find one that will ship immediately and isn't back ordered well in to next month. The dev board will run you ~$25-35, and the cheapest I have seen any of the ready-made clones advertising is around the $50 (likely with an additional charge for shipping) mark, and none are shipping yet.

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    is it possible to make a ipod touch/iphone app to do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzfestlive View Post
    is it possible to make a ipod touch/iphone app to do this?
    I believe so, but so far there is no one actively working on such a port that we know of.

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    In need of iphone/ipod port

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    Some new updates from this slown9 guy. (

    When asked :
    @slown9 Memory Stick led is turned off how can that be real?! I know it blinks when acessing it but still it's too damn coincidence..
    He responded :

    @GoodBySonyaPSJB Video will be up soon...
    He also stated:
    2mrw will be a REVEALING day
    Also two more pics.

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    I'll be checking for that.

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