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  1. #11
    Joseph Stalin Guest
    I wish him luck with this project, because it would be much better to me - it's quite hard to get those usb boards in Russia.

  2. #12
    Kiriller Guest
    Sucks i dont have a psp, hope other alternatives arive soon considering an unltra-high demand for the usb boards.

  3. #13
    tjay17 Guest
    I guess I'll end up using the psp since I cant get any of those boards at the moment.

  4. #14
    xplozion Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Yea, the last pic shows the name I put... apparently the kid is only 14 or something, so it will probably be renamed another 20 times as he changes girlfriends or deodorant brands.
    Oh man!! best post ever!!!! hahaha

  5. #15
    Tex Murphy Guest
    Naive kid who doesn't know his limitations yet. He's requesting help from PSP coders but anyone who knows enough about low level USB coding on the PSP would just do this on their own and if it is possible, it will be done without this kid.

    Good job on getting twitter followers and trying to expand programming skills, that's always useful.

  6. #16
    R3CK Guest
    Here's another guy that says he is working on a port. Sounds fake but worth monitoring.


  7. #17
    tilla Guest
    I don't honestly believe this kid can pull it off but he's got chutzpah.

  8. #18
    Wonderkik Guest
    He says he's 95% done... We'll probably know if it is fake or legit in a few hours.

  9. #19
    ex5 Guest
    hi guys i have one question, are the new firmware (hacked) on the way? so i don't need to use this jailbreak every time (because my friend have a psp and i want borrow it to make this).


  10. #20
    Tex Murphy Guest
    It'll be a long time before a custom PS3 firmware is figured out. This hack will be ported to a dozen devices long before that.

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