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Thread: TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by waleed View Post
    who made this boss so we can follow his work?
    No idea actually, a link to download it was posted on IRC earlier today and all people said afterwards is that it was just as useless as the rest to date.

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    tripellex Guest
    It was released by the Spanish dev Deviante. Don't know much about him, only that he's supposedly having issues with the connect_port() command I believe.

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    whinis Guest
    I am trying to understand why the psp can't do this, does the hack specifically need those device id's or can it be any id's? if so why does it specifically need those id's, I have come to understand its a simple usb buffer overflow meaning that if you simulate say 6 psp's connecting through a hub sending the required information it should work.

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    nsignific Guest
    I'm getting a bit antsy about this and after Whinis post (above), I have to wonder if it'll even happen?

    Should I hold my breath or look into doing something else?

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    swg1251 Guest
    I feel the same way. I would buy a teensy or the like but most stuff seems to be sold out atm...

    Also, some more progress from eol today (google translate):
    Fixed some definitions, which were short rather than char.
    Added switch_to_port (0) when power is in the 6 ports
    Fixed sizeof send the proceedings which did not send their packages
    correct size
    Changed time to send a response to the GET STATE 0ms, it is not necessary
    wait, just have to wait to send the value = 4, before exiting the
    function can not be expected to send the package.
    Not exactly sure what that all means as far as the project goes overall, but it's good to at least see something being done.

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    jhauth11 Guest
    Werid that one most hackable device, sonys psp, can't be used to hack the "unhackable" system also made by Sony, the ps3. But you can use a calculator lol.

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    phantom1999 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jhauth11 View Post
    Werid that one most hackable device, sonys psp, can't be used to hack the "unhackable" system also made by Sony, the ps3. But you can use a calculator lol.
    no kidding, ain't that something.

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    waleed Guest
    brandonwilson: ''Did some digging into PSP port, I don't think address code floating around is right. Address != endpoint. Maybe still do-able with research.''

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    foxtrotmike3 Guest

    Bad news about PSP port by spanish team EOL. Project is closed:

    Discontinued. Everything indicates that this port cannot be made, even if it could, it would take too long to develop something, as well as Hermes says, leave the project unfeasible, not impossible.

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