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Thread: TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

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    Metsuki Guest
    do you know where can I get it cheaper?

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    tripellex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    Good post! They also offer free shipping to US/Canada. Don't forget to use the coupon code "xbox-scene" for an additional 15% off your order. As well, if you have a Blog you can sign up as an affiliate to receive $10.
    Crap, wish I would have known about the coupon code before I ordered lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Metsuki View Post
    do you know where can I get it cheaper?
    Seriously, that's the best price you're going to find for now, and not to mention the fact that its in stock, unlike the Teensys and USBKeys.

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    EiKii Guest
    unlike my blackcat lol, havent heard jack if its shipping or anything atleast i payed it hehe, well i guess im in no hurry anyhow will be following the scene snad stay on 3.15 until further notice ^^ and i guess i have 1-2 weeks atleast shipping time have a psp to bad it was just someone messing with us, hopefully someone serious still working on it..

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    Nokutisu Guest
    Seems that EOL Team is getting there.. Translated by google. Update posted 45 min ago.
    # State of the project.

    Here you indicate what is done, and what is developing now.

    Create Hub Driver Full speed psp. OK
    By connecting the PS3, send 6-Port Hub Descriptor. OK
    It confirms the status of the six ports POWER OK.

    Connect Port 1. (RESET PORT)
    Send Descriptor.
    Rest of the process ....

    Connect Port 1.

    Notes. To connect to the port, it sends the ports that are connected, in this case port 1, we now ask the state of the HUB, the answer to the state with 0 and 0 to change. It is under development for the port 1, send the state of RESET.

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    swg1251 Guest
    Does this mean new progress has been made? Was this the issue that had developers 'stuck'? I remember reading that something about the descriptor was the issue...?

    If it is progress, then this is good news but the WIP release seems to have emulated a USB hub already, so I'm not sure the difference here...

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    Tiger007 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nokutisu View Post
    Seems that EOL Team is getting there..
    Thanks for the info, I think they getting there soon

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    Here is another PSP WIP, however, it's still not complete so pretty much the same as the rest at the moment.

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    Krachwas Guest
    So this one is not working as well?

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    Nah, if it was it would be posted all over as the first fully working PSP Jailbreak port... as I mentioned above, it's just another WIP for bored PSP owners to tinker with.

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    waleed Guest
    who made this boss so we can follow his work?

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