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Thread: TeensyPSPJailBreaker - OpenPSJailBreak PSP Port in Development

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    tjay17 Guest
    Only time will tell..

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    swg1251 Guest
    Are you talking about devultime's port here? Or do you mean the PoC/WIP that has already been released? We know that that one isn't fake since it's up for download, but we have no real proof of devultime's legitimacy.

    If you do mean to say you have devultime's release, could you post it or do something to prove it's real?

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    denunes Guest
    well i have this one.

    it's no use for it now.. it wont fire up the ps3 but it does not 'unjail' it as well.

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    mohp Guest
    Post a video at least cause no one believes you. Has anyone tested this file or is just another WIP?

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    seanshoots Guest
    It's the same WIP that everyone has.

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    dafranchize89 Guest
    it just the same thing that been posted for 3 days now wip poc, i'm really losing faith in the psp port of this. I got somewhat faith in a iphone/ipod touch port soon.

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    crashoverridess Guest
    Can't wait for this to come to light, make it much easier then having to scour the net looking for a sold out chip. lol

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    izac01 Guest
    sooo no new announcements tonight correct?

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    yankee426 Guest
    nothing yet. I've been checking everywhere.

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    xer0 Guest
    Seriously I would stop waiting on a PSP port. The issue with porting it is very significant and if it does happen it wont be for some time I'm sure.

    If you have a smart phone just sit tight as a port for that is more likely. Otherwise order an AVR board. Hell I have an iPhone and I'm still going to order an AVR board.

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