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    Belmondo Guest

    TeamDRM Hack PSN DRM EBOOT.BIN Check

    I know this is a tricky subject for some, but many people only have 1 ps3 and can't access PSN to buy these games. So for all intents and purposes this is the only way some of us can play PSN content. So bring on the hacking. Here is hoping for many more releases by TeamDRM.

    I can't access EFnet anonymously enough at the moment. I'll just leave this pile of links here.

    I guess this post is sort of related at least even though BCR's executable here was not encrypted in the first place (I used one from a debug update package).


    drm-bcr.nfo: (Check Attachments)

    Please spread as far and wide as you can! There will be more coming soon.
    This is more of a POC because a debug eboot.bin was used. But still great news.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Nice one. Let us have a nice christmas.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Where is the new "trick" when a Debug *.bin was used ? What we need is an method to get games to run which have no updates at all, like Death Track: Resurrection, that would be a revolution.

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    Belmondo Guest
    This is a new method, the DRM check was removed from the eboot.bin, the debug eboot.bin was still demo locked. Even though it was a debug eboot it is still great news. When eboot's can be decrypted they all should work and not just for PSN games DLC for retail games aswell. This is HUGE!!

    You can see the only change made to the eboot.bin in the attachment.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, we need more Devs working on this!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Demo locked reminds me on Bejeweld 2. Maybe someone we can try this for Bejeweld 2 or I give it a try. And how to learn, hacking the EBOOT.BIN of a PSN game.

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    Belmondo Guest
    Yes, we definitely do. Good luck let us know your findings.

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    BwE Guest
    ummm ok? bring on gt5 etc lol

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I moved this here for now, not sure what to do with it really as the files are not something that we can host anyway so probably safest to leave this to the underground folks for further examination.

    Below are the details for those curious:

    Just place the pkg "drm-bcr.pkg" in the root of your USBkey or External HD and install from *install packages* and you are good to go.


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    CorleoneTR Guest


    does it work on ps3 dlc?

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