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    Quote Originally Posted by whitevixen View Post
    where is LBP2 Beta 1.01 debug pkg?
    Try looking at the 1st post on this page? great 1st post btw

    appols.. just noticed links dead now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    It's always an unpleasant surprise to download something and it's passworded without warning!
    Sorry didn't notice i had a password on any of my files. Since there is i'm sure it's ""

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    Well, now that fail0verflow uploaded some of their tools for eboot decryption, could be possible to hack the drm of retail games, i know some hex editing, but i don't know what to look for to do it myself (i want to try hacking mvsc2).

    Any comments about it?

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    is there a solution for flower ?


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    And for Tumble Eur? thanks for all work friends !!

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    is there a method for removing activation DRM from retail PSN games WITHOUT having them run in debug mode? I want them to run retail mode.

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    Did anyone actually find out how they hacked npdrm? Or if they even did it at all?

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    Hi, i know it's an already asked question, but did any team managed to get the PSN's Game Malicious to work with a pkg patch?

    Because here is the link to get the install pkg, but it doesn't work:

    And because of the DRM, it is impossible to unself with the geohot/fail0verflow tools

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    IndyColtsFan84, I search this thread looking full psn games to make some test, and I see you have a lot, but your mediafire folder does not have any game... Can I get a list of your games and maybe could you upload them?

    thanks in advance

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    Can someone descrypt MK9 DEMO EBOOT?

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