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    Belmondo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Inzal View Post
    along with what the above user said, TeamDRM specifically requested retail dumps from people, that's why people are uploading their dumps.
    Yep totally agree with you, they did ask for people to upload retail dumps... but not for people to upload debug updates.

    I still have the link for the retail patch, which i added below. So i will just upload the debug eboot.bin for LBP2 Beta compiled with 3.30 which the only thing needed along with the retail update.

    Retail 1.01: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...1-V0100-PE.pkg

    Here is the LBP2BETA 1.01 Debug Eboot.BIN: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y0I0PFCD

  2. #102
    AugustSKY Guest
    So even though Stardust HD says demo version at the top its still the full game?

    Also any luck for mvc2?

  3. #103
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Death Track: Resurrection - Selfripped.


    For the sake of completeness, here the rip, which you can't find anything else.

    Scott Pilgrim + DLC has the edat in it, maybe we can take a look at this and found out where to make it run.

  4. #104
    Crashdance22 Guest
    Very cool, thanks for uploading the EBOOT! But wouldn't the new ELF check for files that don't exist, such as additional game features? Or will this just be used to desiable the DRM check?

  5. #105
    Belmondo Guest
    Yep it will probably check for additional that is why i added the retail patch aswell. so you can just install the retail patch and use the debug eboot.bin when somebody patches it.

  6. #106
    DOCKY99 Guest



    Full Retail demo LBA2 1.00: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...084&country=us

    Retail 1.01: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...1-V0100-PE.pkg

    Eboot.bin debug 1.01: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y0I0PFCD


  7. #107
    Belmondo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DOCKY99 View Post
    what? of course it won't work because it isn't hacked

  8. #108
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Here is the list of all the games i have from PSN. Over 65 games, will take some time to upload them all so be patient. I am sharing all these hoping it will help TeamDRM. Some of these games have DLC that i have purchased, like Pain for instance has nearly all the characters.

    TeamDRM, if your reading this, Good Luck & the ball is in your court now! Keep an eye out for my uploads.
    It's always an unpleasant surprise to download something and it's passworded without warning!

  9. #109
    whitevixen Guest
    where is LBP2 Beta 1.01 debug pkg?

  10. #110
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    LittleBigPlanet 2 BETA NPUA70117 Version: 01.02 Size : 1166MB http://b0.ww.sp-int.dl.playstation.n...0102-V0100.pkg

    LittleBigPlanet 2 BETA NPUA70117 Version : 01.03 Size : 43MB http://b0.ww.sp-int.dl.playstation.n...0103-V0100.pkg

    LittleBigPlanet 2 BETA NPUA70117 Version : 01.04 Size : 35MB http://b0.ww.sp-int.dl.playstation.n...0104-V0100.pkg

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