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Thread: Team PSI Sign Ups

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    cod4randall Guest

    Post Team PSI Sign Ups

    Sign Up
    Today The Day The Sign Up Has Started Email Me:
    [email protected] TeamPsi is working on a media porta lAnd if you get in you will get to work on it with us
    You must be a dev and know one the Programming_L below

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    DestriAero Guest
    Added on msn. Sent you my resume, so pretty much I have extensive experience with all the tech's you posted + more.

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    I moved this to the PS3 hacks/projects section for now because you will likely get more views/helpers here. Many users don't have access to the PS3 Dev section so they would miss this post/opportunity.

    Once the project is underway, if you wish you can post it in the PS3 Dev section though.

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