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Thread: TeaM-Acid1C PS3 Hybrid PUP WIP, Installs on Retail Consoles!

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    DeViL303 Guest

    Cool TeaM-Acid1C PS3 Hybrid PUP WIP, Installs on Retail Consoles!

    Ok guy! We have done the first major step . TeaM_Acid1C has done it!!

    We have a Hybrid PUP made that will install on retail ps3's that has full debug options! I Havnt chance to test it out much but i can say that it seems stable.I am uploading now and will share a link with some senior trustworthy members for more testing, We dont want to make it fully public until it been tested a bit more.

    But let this post be a record forever!!

    TeaM-Acid1C are first devs to make it public that we have a hybrid PUP created!! Im sure others have done this before but kept it quiet like geohot etc, but we are first to go public! I will be providing proof soon, 72% uploaded with 19min to go. You will just need to trust me till then, and until some others download and confirm I suppose but this no fake! We will make all known soon but for now Im really wrecked So cant be writing tutorials! I will say this much now, its not signed (YET!) and requires service mode to install. I will add to this thread all infos as soon as I can. This is so hot off the presses that not the whole team has tried it yet!

    I going to spark up a big one to celebrate ! Get some sleep and then I try get it together to explain how it was achieved!

    So if people contact me on here with thier msn info I will know they are who they say they are, then I will contact them with a link if they are interested, if there was PMs here it would be handy for this! we will only be giving this to real respected who we trust not to leak it untill its been tested some more.

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    Apr 2005
    Yea, we don't have PMs yet here... sadly there is no time to work on them until things slow down again with news and releases, which probably won't happen soon at the rate things are going.

    I will move this to it's own thread in the PS3 Hacks section and link it in the next news update I do for ya!

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    ionbladez Guest
    Sounds good, find my contact info on my profile.

    I love testing new software.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I would like to test as well. I have sent you an email with contact information.

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    tonyqc Guest
    "its not signed (YET!) and requires service mode to install."

    then its will format the HDD?

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    Cyberskunk Guest
    It requires a payload to run homebrew and games still.. You can use the Rebug payload to run it.. I do with the PUP I made some while back which now installs from XMB thanks to Kakaroto (Cheers).. but the homebrew still won't work..

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    DeViL303 Guest
    No, it doesnt require a format of hdd. I've been advised to hold back on releasing as it serves the scene no real purpose because it might expose exploits that team Rebug are relying on. We are all for the greater good of scene and all that so we will keep this one to our selves for now.

    I knew others had made PUPS before like geohot, psjailbreak and Rebug team etc and was just pointing out we were first team to go public with the knowledge as Im all for sharing all infos with all people but seems in ths case its not wise and will not help scene in long run. So scene will just have to wait and see what this brings... I have sent link to one or 2 people to confirm its real as don't want anyone to think we are faking the scene!

    No it doesnt require any formatting of harddrive after install.

    Now first off , I'm always in favour of releasing all infos to the scene as I don't like the attitude of keeping things from going public , but in this case maybe its wise to hold back. We dont want to be blamed for blocking an exploit for other devs.

    I've been advised not to release this yet as the methods used might expose exploits that team Rebug are relying on. So for the greater good of scene we will hold back until more is known. I have sent it to ionblades and an admin from another site so he can test and confirm its real because we dont want anyone thinking we are faking and this is some kind of excuse, Im sure many will think that anyway but nothing I can do about that.

    So the scene will have to wait a little longer for custom PUPs from TeaM-Acid!C. Sorry guys but im sure there will be hundreds of PUPs over next few weeks so not long to wait!

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    mjgdroid Guest
    I would love to try this..

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    DeViL303 Guest
    You will need to wait a little longer. I will say this much, I have not used any keys or failoverflow tools! This was done a different way and it was much easier than expected !

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    Cyberskunk Guest
    I will agree they are not faking from the info I was told.. It is close to how Rebug is running at the moment.. Thanks for playing a smart game Devil303.

    Now you know how I got my dev_flash files.. but I still had to make my own payload to get them off..

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