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Thread: TeaM-Acid1C PS3 Hybrid PUP WIP, Installs on Retail Consoles!

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Yes, our PUP also requires a hybrid payload similar to Rebugs, but not quite the same.

    Anyway for me debug options are done now and Im not really interested in seeing hacked consoles online, it will end up full of cheaters like PC and xbox in my opinion. But we will keep this back regardless and see what happens!

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    bawk Guest
    So once you can sign the PUP you will be able to release this right? (after it's tested) Tbh it would just be something to play around with, all I care about is playing my games online whilst having homebrew. I don't need to back them up or have debug options.

    A signed PUP with an included signed pkg installer would do me fine, since my ipod sold and I have no way to jailbreak anymore lol.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    We could release now but like cyberskunk said we dont have payloads to go with it and it won't benifit normal users too much, once apps can be easily signed then JB will not be required anymore, then this will really be useful!

    Just give the scene a little longer and everyone will be doing this!

    The PUP signing is inevitible and will happen soon, its not even a big deal anyway as homebrew can be run on 3.55 now so will not be an issue.I still can't believe how simple it was! Literally took me about 30min to do once I had the idea.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Hey, whenever you guys feel like releasing it, count me in as a tester. Got 4 PS3s.

    I'll be waiting for you.

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    BwE Guest
    i'd test it & film it but cfwprophet is unavailable and i've been busy the past weeks


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    DeViL303 Guest
    Contact me sk group, i'll send you link if you want to try it.

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    BwE Guest
    Confirmed Working

    Video coming soon - but not too soon thanks to my super fast iphone...

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Nice! Thanks for testing sk, i'm in the process of testing as well.

    SK, you may want to test your blu-ray playback for safe measure. The process to install this is just as the downgrade. Possible that blu-ray playback has been broken.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Thanks guys. You can now say you are among the first few (probably few hundred) in the world to install a retail/debug hybrid PUP! And yes there could be any side effect unknown at this time as its only in early testing phases, so of course when trying something like this there is a risk.

    This is of course only proof of concept and a WIP that needs time to evolve, For now this is no more useful than installing 2.36 debug as it wont run unsigned code. but give this a little while and devs might have all the homebrew signed like Sony's own apps so payloads might be a thing of the past!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Confirmed Working

    I'm guessing since it's a Hybrid debug there is no blu-ray playback, nothing showed up for me under video.

    Thanks Devil for allowing us to test this out.

    edit: Time to reinstall 3.41 & reactive my PSN content.

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