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    Apr 2005

    Tales of Graces F Demo English PS3 JailBreak Patch is Released

    Today AerialX has released a Tales of Graces F demo English patch for PS3 JailBreak users.

    Download: Tales of Graces F Demo English PS3 JailBreak Patch

    Below are the details from TalesofGraces.com, as follows:

    An English patch of the officially released Tales of Graces F PS3 Demo. Currently requires a PS3 with firmware 3.41, a USB key or harddrive with ~450mb of free space, and a jailbreak device with a payload that supports peek/poke installed (we do not support the PSJailbreak dongle).


    1. Download the r3volition patcher package, here.
    2. Download the Tales of Graces F Demo package, here.
    Skip this step if the demo is already installed on your PS3, or if you wish the PS3 to automatically download the demo for you.
    3. Place the packages on your USB stick or drive.
    4. Boot your PS3 with the exploit, and use the package installer in the Games menu to install r3volution.pkg
    5. Run r3volution from the Games menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Some of you may note that Tales of Graces F was officically released today. Some of you may be waiting for you copy in the mail. Well, as a little added bonus, we've released our own early Christmas gift. That's right, a complete English patch of the Tales of Graces F Demo, for the PlayStation 3.

    The demo is available for any PS3 running 3.41, with a jailbreak device that has a payload that supports peek/poke. This supports most jailbreak methods such as PSGroove, but not the default PL3, nor the official PSJailbreak device dongle.

    The instructions for use and all the files can be found on our new download page, located in the link bar on the right. Also included are a couple of 1080p wallpapers. One is a lovingly reconstructed splash image from Tales of Graces F, a Mutsumi Inomata custom artwork. The other is a R3volution splash screen. Feel free to grab these as well.

    So enjoy the demo! As a last note, Tales of Graces F is not currently playable from a 3.41 console, and R3volution is currently not usuable on a 3.5 console. While downgrading is available, it may not be for long.

    Regardless, we will be working on a solution that will ensure that our Tales of Graces F patch will run smoothly on 3.41 jailbroken console. We advise not updating unless you have some pressing need to, unless we advise otherwise.

    While the Wii version has had some slight delays while we created our PS3 tools, R3volution, and edited and refined the demo, you can be sure that it is still proceeding apace.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ramensama Guest
    Downloaded, can't wait to try it out... too bad the full game isn't playable on 3.41. Hopefully something will work out eventually.

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    Helmax Guest
    not sure why more people arent excited about this.. this is the first fan translation of a PS3 game. I think that's another awesome step in the homebrew/hacking community.

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    AerialX Guest
    Hey, it's also the first game trainer for the PS3 but I guess no one's noticed that part

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    bugga12 Guest
    Second, Dead Rising 2 already had a trainer.

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    AerialX Guest
    Pfft, resource patching to enable cheats/scripts/options/etc isn't a trainer. Anyone with an FTP app can do that

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    bernywtf Guest
    nice! i totally love this type of game, and got so ragey when they decided to leave it jp only... like a lot of other games they always do (i hope there will be more fan traslation for those too!), waiting for the full one~

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