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Thread: SynaPS3 - PS3 Compatibility, Backup and Homebrew Library

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    Scheisen2000 Guest
    From my understanding app-designers should make their apps compatible with the official sdk and the given gameOS. If the app runs on unjailbroken debug it has best possible compatibility and should run with most payloads. But than from my point of view there is no or only few need for this library. I am not a coder, so please correct me if I am wrong.

    People with dongles that support peek&poke could use some kind of memory patcher right after boot. Haven't seen an app yet which is able to peek for the known patches and pokes them if wanted by user.

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    n4ru Guest
    The library is yet to have much use, this is only the initial release which has some simple compatibility improvements along with a few functions to speed up development.

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    rgelera Guest
    hehe.. i get it. Synapse... SynaPS3

    >.< i just learned what a synapse is in psychology :S

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    DoctorimiJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rgelera View Post
    hehe.. i get it. Synapse... SynaPS3

    >.< i just learned what a synapse is in psychology :S


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    n4ru Guest
    Next git push of synaPS3 will contain:

    - minimal syscall35 support for PSGroove1.1/Hermesv1/Hermesv2 (remapping root dirs via Peek/Poke [3.41 only])
    - GetPayloadCaps() will be fixed and added.
    - GetPayloadType() will be readded as originally intended (was replaced for GetPayloadCaps(), but I suppose it doesn't hurt to have both so backup managers can easier identify.

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