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    n4ru Guest

    SynaPS3 FINAL JailBreak Library Preceding Fail0verflow Release

    Here is the final revision of SynaPS3 preceding the release of fail0verflow's tools. SynaPS3 will not be updated further until the fail0verflow team releases their tools.

    Download: SynaPS3 FINAL "JailBreak" Library / SynaPS3 GIT / ps3netsrv-0.1.ds413j.spk by rulleren

    This is a final revision in the sense that all further github pushes will be based on the new private key related tools, and I can only hope that the improvements made to SynaPS3 in the near future will help it become a powerful tool for PS3 devs when the new tools become available.

    The next github push will remove all syscalls and focus on fail0verflow specific tools, so all functions related to specific payloads or calls will be unavailable, in the hopes that the next push will have far better means of implementing many things.

    Once again, I hoped to finish coding a way of writing to /dev_flash without Peek/Poke, but this goal was not realized as I did not have that much time this month to work on SynaPS3 as I had hoped.

    syscalls.h, payload.h, and patches.h are all removed in the next update.

    This release of SynaPS3 includes the following functions:

    IsBD - Returns true if there is either a PS3 game inserted or a valid Bluray movie.
    IsPS3Game - Returns true is there is a PS3 game inserted.
    MountBD(char *game_path) - Mounts the argument to /dev_bdvd.
    BootDisc - "Direct Boot" for inserted discs. Should carry the same failure rate as other direct boot methods.
    fsStat(char *filename) - Returns true if the given file exists.
    fsMkdir(char* newDir) - Creates a directory if it doesn't already exist. Returns false if it fails to create or if it exists already.
    fsRename(char* from, char* to) - Renames the given file to the second argument. Checks if the file exists, returns false if it exists or if the rename failed.
    pad_read - Ripped from OM code.
    Firmware342Fix - As it says, fixes games that refuse to boot because they require 3.42. Only works for 3.01, 3.15, and 3.41.
    ControllerFix - For Hermes v3/v4, and those with Peek/Poke on 3.41. For games with controller issues.
    GetPayloadCaps - STILL never extensively tested, but SHOULD work. Returns a value depending on payload capabilities. Add 1 if it has syscall36, add 2 if it has syscall8, add 4 if it has Peek/Poke, add 8 if it has syscall35.
    GetPayloadName - A rip of GetPayloadCaps but returns a different value, depending on which payload it is. Returns; 5 for PL3Dev, 4 for PL3, 3 for Hermes v3/v4, 2 for PSGroove 1.1/Hermes v1/v2, and 1 for PSGroove 1.0.
    syscalls.h: Behind the scenes stuff, mostly syscall8 stuff and the other syscalls. Don't use syscall36 or syscall35, use MountBD and Mount instead, respectively. Peek/Poke is syscall6/syscall7.
    exit - Exits the app.
    versionTXT - Writes the firmware version to FirmwareVersion and returns it.
    getFW - Peeks the FW version from memory.
    BootGame - Boots game from given parameters.
    Mount - Mounts using syscall8 or syscall35.
    MountHome(char *home_path) - Mounts argument to the app_home path.
    MountFlash(char* fla) - Mounts argument to dev_flash path.
    LoadIOFSModules - Loads IOFS Modules.
    UnloadIOFSModules - Unloads IOFS Modules.
    LV2_Flash(bool flashStatus) - Does nothing. Ignore.

    SynaPS3 is still very very small and the improvements are mainly "shortcuts" for existing code and functions. It could, in it's current state, speed up some program development/coding, most notably backup managers and minimalistic apps.

    I am still a mediocre developer at best but I think the PS3 scene and their devs have helped me greatly in understanding and learning a lot these past few months. I look forward in helping the scene with my less than mediocre skills and improving myself as a programmer, hopefully enough so that next year I can make some major improvements to this amateur library.

    Happy New Years!

    Finally, in related PS3 homebrew news below is a PS3Netsrv .SPK for Synology from Keeros with details as follows:

    Download: ps3netsrv-0.1.spk / List of Arch's (GIT)

    I found an .SPK that was for an ARM model and used the scripts, wizard ui, and info files to make one that worked with my Synology Model (Xpenology, bromolow).

    If it does not work with your synology Arch:
    • Extract files from ps3netsrv-0.1.spk with 7-Zip
    • Open INFO file and add you arch type to arch=
    • Extract package.TAR from package.TGZ
    • Open package.TAR with 7-Zip
    • Locate ps3netsrv and inject your own
    • Inject updated package.TAR into package.TGZ
    • Inject edited files into the .SPK file again

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Happy New Year to you too n4ru, I have moved the news to the main page now and +Rep!

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    shummyr Guest
    this is an awesome release, and would like to say thanks and happy new year.

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    pure420 Guest
    so the part about blu-ray, can we boot apps like ftp w/o a drive in?

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    Sostanco Guest
    Nice stuff, just download now and i'll give i try

    keep up the good work! Happy new year!

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    i hope fail0verflow will include for 3.42 firmware.... accidently upgrade me to 3.42.... and i hope they will work on all types of firmwares... still patiently waiting ^^

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Can sombody tell me how to run this awesome thing?

    Happy New Year for EVERYONE!!!!

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    azoreseuropa Guest

    By the way, why happy new years every years? Every years always get worse and this world is gone bad. Why bother say that every years ? It doesn't make a sense. Just saying.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    By the way, almost every one say happy new years, why ? I am happy to be alive every years but it doesnt mean it is getting better and better anyway.

    Every years always get worsen and this world is gone bad include global warming.. decline animals to the extinct... 3,333 death in Haiti... Iraqs continue to have a problem... I don't understand you people.

    Why bother say that every years acting like this didn't happen? It doesn't make a sense. Just saying.

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    Ecniv Guest
    This is quite off-topic but I know what you mean but still understand why people say it...

    It`s not a statement you know it`s something people wish for for the year to come so in a way people are wishing against all those things you are suposing are bad.

    Next time don`t be so negative there are just a few days a year people are kind to everybody so don`t try to spoil those a well please!!

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