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    daveribz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zhaoyun123 View Post
    i hope fail0verflow will include for 3.42 firmware.... accidently upgrade me to 3.42.... and i hope they will work on all types of firmwares... still patiently waiting ^^
    Firmware 3.42 to 3.50 has been downgradable for a while now. Search the forums, it's out there!

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    n4ru Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pure420 View Post
    so the part about blu-ray, can we boot apps like ftp w/o a drive in?
    Huh? Just mount to app_home.

    This library can do that with MountHome.

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Can someone post a short tutorial how tu use it? Thanks

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    barrybarryk Guest
    It's a software library for devs, if you have to ask how to use it you don't need it.

    and no you can't play gt5 with it

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    jlozde Guest


    Nice work. Well done.

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