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    NDT Guest

    Swapping PS3 drive isn't possible

    At least to swap the whole drive: I've put a jap drive in to my PAL console and it works, load disc inside and respondo to eject, problem is that doesn't show the inserted games into the XMB.

    Same thing if i put a Jap drive in another Jap console, so like the X360 each drive is signed per console.

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    nokaktsawa Guest
    Yes, I think it was already known.

    Here's my wild guess: since ps3 bluray drive has a nand chip containing the drive's firmware, maybe this is where the ps3 stores some keys/informations when central firmware is upgraded.

    Would that be possible?

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    NDT Guest
    it's doesn't contains a nand, it contains a MX25L1005.

    by the way no, that isn't the place where ps3 save the fw version because the console turns on and works even without drive mounted.

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    angelbemine3 Guest
    Would make since. I was thinking about that at work yesterday. It would go to marrying the device to the system. I think the original xbox did it with their hard drives. I do not think that this is where keys to the entire system though.

    Because if the drive failed and was sent back to sony for repairs they would have to unmarry the drive from the mother board which would be near impossible if the nand contained the keys... however if they had an interface to connect to it and reflash it then I really don't see why not.

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    idone Guest
    the drive itself can be swapped if the logic board underneath it is kept with the motherboard it is atttached to.

    I am also pretty sure an update will fail if a different logicboard is attached or if the drive is dissconnected.

    idone tlu

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    NDT Guest
    Sure, just swapping the mechanic it would work, i just wanted to inform the people about this issue

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