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Thread: Swapping Drives

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    CJPC Guest
    Although the other flash was also desoldered, as you pointed out - yes, we did not dump the other flash as the equipment to do so was not on hand. If you are planning to remove said additional flash, keep us updated - will be interesting to see what you find!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    This is from a year or two ago, I believe from a 60GB US PS3 console.. I actually posted it a few months back somewhere here but can't find the thread now so consider this a repost. (mirror)

    Edit: New link that works:
    Just adding another to this post for those interested who didn't see it in the Chatbox topic.

    PS3 Blu-ray SPI Flash (MX25L1005 1Mbit) Dump:
    Mirror #1:
    Mirror #2:
    Mirror #3:

    PS3 Blu-ray SPI Flash (MX25L1005 1Mbit) Dump #2:
    Mirror #1:
    Mirror #2:
    Mirror #3:

    PS3 Blu-ray SPI Flash (MX25L1005 1Mbit, 60GB PAL) Dump #3:
    Mirror #1:
    Mirror #2:
    Mirror #3:

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    Takavach Guest
    thanks boss , i think this is very impressive and i hope finally ps3 hacked from drive

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