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    nokaktsawa Guest

    Lightbulb Suggestion for PS3 keyvault project

    Ok, I'm not much of a tech guy, but... here's my 2 cents. Assuming that the DEV team is facing some major trouble in getting the PS3 keyvault server side app done, I think there might be another solution.

    That is: compiling only the client app, and distributing it along with a file containing a limited, unique range of search values, different per user. The program should be able to write the processed data from the PS3 in a file on a memory stick, so that every final user can upload this file containing his results to ps3news server.

    Yes, there could be some pratical difficulties distributing the app along with the file containing the unique range of search to every single user, but maybe ps3news staff could manage. And hey: it's just an idea!

    Anyways, best of luck for the project.

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    H4rdWear Guest
    Im glad to see that there are active thinkers here. I had mentioned this project idea when the BRD keys were being extracted... i use a tool called Access Data DNA... Distributed Network Attack... I have set up this program to run on a bot server using Damn small linux on vmware. using a modest dual core server with enough ram we could output these bots to do 10x the work per machine... now i have plenty of horsepower and im assuming if we can build a vmware image we can distribute that too

    now i would enjoy a nice new project and im willing to put some time and effort if one of the Devs would give me a copy of the server or client i would be more than happy to help we could build a nice little botnet to speed up the progress... if i knew what type of encryption were dealing with i could even set up dna to do some work for us... its a well documented proggy that i have a lic for.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Ya, the server client isn't going to be distributed, and the user side won't be until it's completed mainly due to lamers who constantly steal the hard work and credit of the resident PS3 Devs here.

    We also don't allow e-mails in threads... that is what Profiles are for, however, if you seriously feel you can be of help your best bet is what I've told numerous others here:

    Message CJPC on IRC EFNet #PS3News and he will talk with you awhile. If he feels you are a good fit for the team, he will invite you into the private Dev room where you can discuss things futher. This process is necessary to weed out all of the lamers just trying to join to acquire our stuff, when they have absolutely no legitimate Dev skills.

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    H4rdWear Guest
    Thanks ... ill head over to mirc.. man its been a while since ive been there! so much fun back in the days of win 98! ... remember the nuke wars ..LOL

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