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    chrrox Guest
    ups.com better watch their back.

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    supersheep53 Guest
    maybe I'm not understanding here but lets say sony wins this thing. What is stopping people from buying the usb boards and flashing em??

    Going after websites huh... lets just hope they don't upset anyone on 4chan (I think they copied the letter "a" from playstation and lthe etter "n" from sony).

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    semitope Guest
    Wow these fools are reaching hard. LoL. PS? PS.com? It's like a kid trying to convince his mother that he is right and his sibling was in the wrong.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Well, look out sites that help women with "PMS". I better alert my wife to this horrible news! She's gonna panic! Yeah right!

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    BOSSHOGG1978 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    What are they still going on about? It's the smallest pettiest thing they go after these days.

    I think we all should stop buying anything $ony as it looks like they have way too much money and they are doing stupid things with it.
    I love/hate Sony PlayStation. I read in some other forum a couple years ago some of the things "they" were doing to fight PSP hackers. They are still so mad over that little toy (that I love), and now you can hack the big toy! I still can believe the obsolete (does any body else remember laser disc's) technology of CD based gaming has pushed innovations like blue-ray. The cartridges of the past where way faster to load. Beta was better than VHS and it lost, too. Well, it wasn't been that long since tapes died, finally. I hate that they treat the US market like they hate to make all that $ off of "US".

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    semitope Guest
    THe post above got me remembering this is probably all because of the psp situation. Am I wrong that the psp is sony's first portable console? They really can't stomach that they didn't get everything right on their first attempt? If the ds was able to do much more than play games I imagine the software sales on that would also be less. Not to mention the design of the DS just says gaming handheld. It's not a cool music player, movie player.

    If they aren't going to accept where they fell short and blame everything on piracy, I doubt they will learn and create better gaming platforms

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    nadal2008 Guest
    Hey, maybe it's theirs scheme to boost the sales of ps3 console .Man I went in to bestbuy or futureshop and those 160 gig were flying off the shelf!

    If not, Sony owes our community a big Thank You for boosting the sales of ps3 consoles.

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    frg7700 Guest
    The question I suppose is, however ridiculous the suits Sony files are, how many devs or resellers can afford to contest them?

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    tripellex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by frg7700 View Post
    The question I suppose is, however ridiculous the suits Sony files are, how many devs or resellers can afford to contest them?
    Unfortunately, that's precisely what they are banking on, and is the same in 95% of court battles: Whomever has the most money wins.

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    mcarteaux Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by corsasri View Post
    PS. did sony invent the Alphabet
    I'm pretty sure they have that registered too with their first station.

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