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Thread: Sony Versus PS3 JailBreaks - Round Two: More Document Leaks!

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    johnnytoxic Guest
    Sony hoping the website owners will cave as soon as they send a scary letter.

    Seriously they can't own the combination of letters PS. And the hardware they sell has no circumvention data on it when shipped anyway. So they can't do jack.

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    dante wesley Guest
    This reminds of how they went after capon through tax evasion they donít have as strong a case as they would have you believe on the hardware side so there using copyright and trademark technicalities as there weapon what they donít relies is that new clones are coming out every day and that now they will all just name themselves p.s.III.JB and simply side step Sonyís case

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    Skaper Guest
    They can't trademark PS. It's commonly used as post-script. I don't see these just 'PS' ones working out for Sony.

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    mafiadog Guest
    They are probably talking about the stylized logo which is a trademark , the S at the bottom as in the Boss's avatar. is some powerline systems Uk website , that's no trademark.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Oops... sorry Sony! I will change my name to something in russian, kanji or greek alphabet, ok? Please don't sue me for using your copyrighted alphabet! My name has a lot of P and S, i'm screwed!

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    costocart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    How about we call everything "PSJ" as in "PSJ Groove". They say we can't use the PS so why not PSJ? They don't own the letters PSJ.
    that's still illegal as the 'PS' is referring to 'playstation'.

    "SCEA is the exclusive licensee of the trademarks for, among others, PlayStation, PS, PS3, and PSP (collectively, the Trademarks.) the PS3 Jailbreak Device bears copies of the PS3, PS and trademarks
    However there's a workaround for this. From here on let us all refer the PS as the 'Personal System'. so, for instance, use the PSJ to refer to Personal System Jailbreak, PS3 to Personal System 3.
    the Trademarks have become, through widespread and favorable public acceptance and recognition, an asset of substantial value as a symbol of SCEA
    we just have to change the public perception of the word ps

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    tripellex Guest
    Also, make sure never to write P.S. in your letters to your wife, girlfriend, family etc., as in "P.S. I forgot to tell you something". They might demand to confiscate everything you, your family, and your future children own or will ever own.

    O NOES! Please don't sue me Mr. Sony lawyers! *quivers in fear*...*snicker*

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Crap - need to change my name too

    This post was brought to you by the letters P, S and the number 3

    Big bird was never as much of a tool though.

    PSPSwampy. (eek - don't sue me!)

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    junior2k9 Guest
    What a bunch of crap - I guess in the next document they are going to ask that we turn over our Htcs , Blackcats,TI84s,& Iphones. LoL The harder they push the harder we try. If anything they are promoting these jailbreak devices lol imagine the people who dont know about jailbreaking accidentally fall upon one of the articles of sony vs jailbreak lol Thanks Sony we need all the Devs we can get!!!

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    chrykel Guest
    Some of these companies should just name their products as "system breaker" and then write compatible with ps3 on the packaging to avoid more bs from sony.

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