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    Apr 2005
    Well the interview was from the 3rd and from what I can tell the motion was for the 16th so with today being the 27th/28th (depending on where you are located) it appears that the "john does 1-100" mentioned haven't been served yet... hopefully this is a good sign, but I wouldn't breathe easy just yet as this will likely lead to something larger, just what remains to be seen.

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    chomps268 Guest
    lol @ sony. and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one laughing.

    you guys are a freakin' joke.

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    djklown Guest
    Very true boss, hopefully some of us are a little bit more harder too find then the others. Thank GOD that different countries have different laws and it takes time for due process to occur. Like some one else mentioned in a post before about Jailbreaking being legal in the USA and getting info from ISP's takes time, so this will be a long drawn out legal process for some. THEN again there too many of teh UGA (UnderGround Army) (i suggest this as a name to refer to as THE scene, haha) to make a dent in this. Cat and Mouse game. I'd rather be the catnip and mousetrap, if you catch my drift.


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    Apr 2005


    Not sure if this is legit or just an attempt for a company to "take the money and run" but see here also: psjailbreakcanada.com

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    Preceptor Guest
    Jeesh, I hate SCEA... I wonder how long will it take for them to just ACCEPT THEIR FATE... Mofos.

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    Starlight Guest
    Something is brewing in the US about that boss as it can be read here:


    This post will be auto merged, but the link is more on the copyright thing but it could lead to more a wide spread thing this bill.

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    chrykel Guest
    Why would this guy even say he was involved? Here in america we try to keep our mouths shut about our illegal activities lol... but anywho there's enough info to rebuild the hacks and make them funtion better anyway so thanks for the hacks you 20 hackers that will be heading to the big house and thanks for sacrificing yourselves for the scene! Viva la revolucion!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Interesting to finally find out if Sony can show true copyright ownership over any part of the released exploit. Obviously homebrew makes use of leaked sdk – hope it won’t be too difficult for new apps to be released in the near future.

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    hunterrr Guest


    I wonder why they didn't go after geohot like they are with PSGroove, i mean he had read and write access to the vsh folder in dev_flash and MANAGED to dump 3.21 and retain otherOs months ago.. BTW this site was a huge source in a lot of different pdf docs.

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    ddsdavey Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shattacrew View Post
    this is sad, didn't they make psgroove so it could only play homebrew?
    Why? What else is there other than homebrew?

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