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Thread: Sony Takes Legal Action Against Swedish PS JailBreak Sellers

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    Sony Takes Legal Action Against Swedish PS JailBreak Sellers

    According to the PS3 JailBreak Info Centre (linked above) via Swedish site, Sony has now taken legal action against Swedish PS JailBreak sellers.

    This news comes as no surprise after Sony won an injunction against Australian resellers and subsequently filed suit against a US reseller.

    To quote: "Sony's lawyers have sued Manzzon, Rejoy and WeChip and those stores has now removed the product from their shops.

    When checking the list of Authorized Dealers on, you can now see that only 16 of the 26 listed shops actually sell the product."

    [imglink=|Sony Takes Legal Action Against Swedish PS JailBreak Sellers][/imglink]
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    HellReborn Guest

    Sony Takes Legal Action Against Swedish PS JailBreak Sellers

    is there any word on what happened between the US resellers and Sony?

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    No further word yet as far as I know, they are still listed on the distributers page of the official site so perhaps it's still pending.

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    Mbb Guest
    When I search on 4 dutch sites where the psjailbreak was sold one week ago, its all gone now..., all the links are removed.

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    Kiriller Guest
    This is sad and funny, why won't sony just count the losses and give up? Oh wait what losses, now the console sales are going to skyrocket. Suing destributors wont help them since the free version came out along with future ports. People will just go to local shops where they will be able to purchase home made jigs and pirating/homebrewing will still continue.

    Sony please give up, its a battle your not going to win, when anything hits the interwebs, it gets spread like wildfire.

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    EiKii Guest
    w00t wtf i live in sweden, didn't see this comming imo lol, sony is taking it way further then the other consoles, they won't admit they lost this one, hehe look out soon they probably sue the net and all the users, lol its so fun but scary same time, sweden has some messed up laws (not some more like most of em) who knows what will happen. ;S

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    kez Guest
    Let's wait... soon a lot of chinese webshops will sell "virgin" psgrooves devices.

    Without firmware, Sony can't do nothing.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Well if the report about the jailbreak being ported to the PSP is true then I wouldn't worry about any of this. There will finally be a free solution that many of us can use. It seems at least half of us here have PSPs.

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    Bishoff Guest
    That's the problem... they are selling these devices preflashed. Sell empty micro controllers just like the modchip manufacturers do. I also think Sony is doing this as this is all they can do from a legal standpoint to fight their console compromise. They have no legal ground in the homebrew community/interweb.

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    Jes03 Guest
    $ony should give up as said above the free version is out and that cant be stopped EVER!

    LOL @ $ony.

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