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Thread: Sony Takes Legal Action Against Swedish PS JailBreak Sellers

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    livpool Guest
    do they even know a free version is out? lol..

    then again i guess they might be using this as a battle ground for PS4 hacking.. when that one finally gets hacked, it'll be easy for sony to stop the selling of modchips.

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    Reaper2122 Guest
    well considering that the ps3 took 4 years to hack that the ps4 might just be unhackable atleast from a developer standpoint someone is gonna screw up at some point and then and only then will it maybe be hacked.

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    SovietSlayer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
    That's the problem... they are selling these devices preflashed. Sell empty micro controllers just like the modchip manufacturers do. I also think Sony is doing this as this is all they can do from a legal standpoint to fight their console compromise. They have no legal ground in the homebrew community/interweb.
    I made a similar post in another thread.

    As long as what was said about the jailbreak is true i.e. it uses NO Sony code then it doesn't matter if the devices are pre or post flashed. (at least not in America)

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    recluSed Guest
    US copyright law does not apply in Sweden.

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    SovietSlayer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by recluSed View Post
    US copyright law does not apply in Sweden.
    Neither would Swedish laws, after all there is no copyright violation since it doesn't use Sony's code.

    But there is still the chance it violates some other law.

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    Meshuggah Guest
    They should also sue every site who's selling it, every site who's talking about it and everyone who's thinking about it. It's ridiculous !

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