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    BombermanUltra Guest
    Ah, just noticed the bar of soap... that's grimey. lol.

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    Reactx Guest
    Lol same... Im laughing my butt of right now.. I can't even hold it but anyways Geohot will put his tool up Sonys rear for sure

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    marc2590 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    So even after I put the A as a capital and went out of my way to show that it's on purpose you didn't get it.

    the definition of moran according to the website you linked
    The preferred method of spelling "moron" by morons

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    inginear Guest
    so this is why sony has been quiet lately. they are going after individuals with no significant financial backing. way to man up sony and not fix the real problem.

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    LordRahl72 Guest
    It may have something to do with pirated releases are hitting the torrent sites all over the place with his name on the release title.

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    lazybuntu Guest
    Don't make me laugh sony... He's bound to the terms of service / agreement for PSN? Haha... oke:

    And if he doesn't have a PSN account? He bought hardware and he can do with it what he pleases. Not only that, but he OFFERED to help you out on the next gen system and you guys have the audacity to call that extortion! Wow. Way to piss off one of the people who have your current system by the nutsack.

    This could go one of two ways: Geohot gets pissed off and does as much damage to sony as possible why fighting off this lawsuit, or he shows some class and keeps to himself while some other hacker mysteriously finds a way to push out a major update or piece of software that could only come from someone on the failoverfl0w team or geohot himself.

    Best of luck guys, keep the faith and any decent attorney should keep you free. But then again, corporate america has a ton of judges on the payroll, so...

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    doorman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    So even after I put the A as a capital and went out of my way to show that it's on purpose you didn't get it.

    I noticed your reference but wasn't aware of the urbandictionary entry...

    so nope, didn't get it.

  8. #28
    mushy409 Guest
    I'm gonna say one thing...

    Serves him right for posting his mugshot and basking in the limelight of his own apparent brilliance.

    Geohot will deffo be blowing some pink sony cigar to save his butt!

  9. #29
    ElielV Guest
    Love living in the Netherlands. Sony wouldn't be able to sue you here because the license/service agreement isn't valid here. For a license/service agreement to be valid you must be able to read it before you accept it. Since the agreement is inside the box, you can't read it before buying it. The would only be able to sue if you broke the law.

    on-topic: What does SCEA think to accomplish with this lawsuit? They broke the end-user agreement first by removing other OS.

    2nd: fail0verflow didn't post any sony code or key's, they just explained us how to hack the PS3 and gave us some tools to do so. Are we going to forbid hammers now? You could use a hammer to break a window or even worse kill someone...

    I hope they bury SCEA in court.

  10. #30
    marc2590 Guest
    looks like sony is mostly pissed because he made the metldr key public, from the motion for Temporary Restraining Order
    Defendant Hotz is a well-known hacker who has gained notoriety for circumventing the technological protection measures in a number of sophisticated software and hardware systems. Id. at 20, Exh. S. Building on the FAIL0VERFLOW Defendants’ Circumvention Devices, Hotz circumvented certain other TPMs in the PS3 System, intentionally accessed the PS3 System without authorization, and misappropriated critical SCEA Keys (referred to hereinafter as the “Metldr Keys” or the “Root Keys”):

    forgot to thank fail0verflow.... They had several keys but not the root key, I used their discoveries to find the [] root key.”
    Id. at 21, Exh. T.3 The Root Keys, or “Metldr Keys,” that Hotz wrongfully compromised are part of a TPM in the PS3 System, and are necessary to authenticate code that runs on a critical level of that System. Mogilefsky Decl. 12. With access to this particular level, one can control crucial functions and operations of the PS3 System and execute code that will enable pirated video games to run on the PS3 System.

    Knowing that the “Metldr Keys” can defeat TPMs in the PS3 System, Hotz began using these proprietary Keys as a component of a Circumvention Device that applies SCEA signatures to any file, effectively “tricking” the PS3 System into running unauthorized
    programs. Mogilefsky Decl. 23. On January 2, 2011, Hotz published the Metldr Keys on his website under the banner “keys open doors.” Bricker Decl. at 23, Ex. V. By doing so, Hotz purposefully compromised the confidentiality of those Keys and invited other software pirates to incorporate the Keys into their own circumvention technology. Id. (quoting Hotz January

    2nd post: “use this info wisely”). Hotz’s distribution of the Metldr Keys enabled software pirates to create and run unauthorized copies of video games. Mogilefsky Decl. 20

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