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Thread: Sony Takes Legal Action Against Infamous PS3 Hacker GeoHot

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    Merlena Guest
    Hey Sony, guess what. I'm renting gamez to your console, not buying them!

    Not gonna buy crap of this company whatever anymore, if my money goes anywhere then greedy Microsoft can have them.

    Thanks for buying out the HDDVD market, thanks for everything Sony, messing up the industry. Oh hey, you introduce 3D, that's great does that mean I can just connect my nVidia Sterioscopic 3D kit and enjoy? NO! I have to buy your TVs, which has always been crap. Stop making TVs! Then I need your fancy glasses of paper.

    Sony this is going outta hand, and if.. I mean, slow down.. something is gonna hit you in the face pretty soon.

    Back to computer gaming people, at least we can do whatever we want, buy and configure whatever powerful hardware we want. Don't buy a damn PS3; means their third year on minus in revenue.

    I mean, before I was like supporting you guys, making all these titles; as all the "Sony" logoed games was like "Wooow" (Heavy Rain, Uncharted series, GT series, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid...)

    What I'm trying to tell is: Don't give money to maniacs. I'm refreshing and downloading the jailbreak, come and get me!

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    TheDevil Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oldschool400 View Post
    Maybe people are just getting paranoid, maybe not. Some people don't mind the big corporations knowing what they do online. It's a basic civil liberty. Would you want the government to put a tap on your phone, because you could be a terrorist?
    Indeed. Privacy is a right in most contries .. but apparently not in US. This whole thing is a complete travesty and clearly shows that justice in the US belongs (no offence) to the ones with enough money. This would never had happened in Europe. Its all about priority tho.

    In most european contries you are allowed to play 1 or more backups of games/movies/music you own (so you can easy play a backup in your car/other house). Priority is obviously quite low .. because who really get hurt?

    But in european contries if you even accidentally sneeze the word "terrorist" .. you will find yourself in jail for upto 48 hours without ANY proof whatsoever (while they raid your home for possible proof). Priority is obviously quite high .. because people do actually get hurt if it isnt done.

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    oldschool400 Guest
    I have a feeling that a LOT of peoples psn accounts are now on the vege of being banned. Realized this last night, but if someone looked at geohot's blog, and then played online, and once sony gets the information out of google, they are going to start banning people.
    all they are going to do is cross-reference the IP addy's in their psn records with the ones from the blog. Any matches and guarantee, those people will be banned.

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    jarvis Guest
    This would be an incredibly stupid move and would only result in more pain for Sony. The people that read these things are really die hard PS3 players who have given Sony lots of their money. Reading information does not prove you have done anything to your PS3.

    The backlash from this would be enormous. Think of the people who have purchased a second PS3, one specifically for online gaming that will never be hacked. Why would Sony want to keep these people off of PSN? They want people to spend more money... so they can pay for their unjust law suits.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    ok anyone thinking you can be tracked down / identified or have your psn account identified by IP alone has no clue what they are talking about.. Your IP address normally changes practically every time you reset your modem.

    In order to track anyone they need the ISP logs and after the recent MPAA / ACS Law stuff they'll not be handing those out anytime soon, so stop your nonsensical scaremongering.. it's moronic.

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    shummyr Guest
    That is correct there is only 1 exception to that rule though, if the persons IP Address is static then it will never change until the persons ISP changes it

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    barrybarryk Guest
    but they still can't match it without the ISP logs!

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    Merlena Guest
    Just ignore this crap. If you believe you'll get traced; and waiting for a knock on the door, then you've definitely seen too much movies.

    It's like that CSI series: They put some blood traces from a guy who was at the scene of the murder into this machine; with like a "database", 10 seconds after it's like "Aha, it's that guy."

    F-Sony, something they spit out just to leave people in the dark. Hey! Listen! It's the media we're talking about here. Lol.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    I can't stand this or defend $0Ny anymore. In light of recent events and the legal stuff over from $0Ny violating the privacy act signed into law by Bill Clinton , I just sold my ps3 and Bought an LG Bluray player. I traded the other for an XBox 360 with Kinect and it kicks the crap out of the PS move! That fascist hypocrisy of a company $0Ny just lost a paying customer for good!

    They are like politicians, They wear their suits on upside down and talk out of their rear. They have gone too far. The real reason they are afraid of graf chokolo and the other people that $0Ny is sueing is that they helped reveal to the world that the P$3 is built on stolen technology that $0NY was trying to hide.

    LG will get my business from now on. I will miss out on Uncharted 3 and a few other games I was looking forward to buying but in light of what has recently happened, I can't morally support a back handed fascist company out for world domination. Besides that Knowing what features were removed in the past, The LG blu ray playing tech lawsuit will result in $0Ny removing Blu Ray playback from their system software in future updates.

    First they steal Linux, then backward compatibility, then various features I loved, and Now I find out all along $0ny was selling stolen tech and making fools out of the consumer. I was put off from getting an XBox due to RROD, but now that seems to be fixed and plus the games are cheaper on that platform. I am loving halo 3, Prey, mass effect 2 without glitches and the glitch free Orange box.

    I am not ever buying from $0NY again. Just the thought of it makes me sick anyway back to Halo3. Don't buy from $0Ny cause the Ps3 will be illegal in the UK, and all of North America soon, I feel bad for the devs that planed on releasing software for it.

    They better get full compensation from $0Ny for this BS Dictators that bribe the courts do not deserve our respect or money!! Supporting them is a crime!! I wont be a part of it any more! once again they lost another costumer!! $0Ny... right here buddy, right here.

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    PSPSwampy Guest

    Judge in Sony v Geohot Case Orders YouTube to Provide Users IPs

    Remember when Sony sued Geohot and demanded that YouTube hand over the user info of all the folks who posted comments to Geohot's PS3 jailbreak video? Well, score a victory for SCEA, as the judge overseeing the case's jurisdictional discovery process has ruled that Sony can get what it wanted - information from: Bluehost (who hosts Geohot's website) regarding who downloaded the jailbreak, Twitter regarding any tweets made by Hotz, Google Blogspot regarding comments made on his blog, and the aforementioned YouTube user data.

    Keep in mind that Sony's getting this information to show that many of the downloaders and commenters are from Northern California and that Hotz's hacking efforts were aimed at Californians - meaning the case should remain in the Bay Area instead of moving to New Jersey where Geohot hacked his PS3.

    With this new information at its disposal, Sony's better equipped to oppose Hotz's motion to dismiss in a hearing early next month, but this doesn't mean the company will succeed in its bid to keep the litigation a West Coast affair. We'll have to wait and see if this latest victory helps Sony win the war. Stay tuned.


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