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    jarvis Guest
    F-Sony. They disgust me. This is nothing more than bullying and scare tactics. I visited Geohots site originally through a link off of a legitimate news site. I've never hacked my PS3 or pirated games.

    I have since sold my PS3 and all 35 games I owned (yeah Sony, long time fanboy that will never back you again). Of course the courts are on their side because that's how the US Government operates as well. Its all used to strip us of our freedoms by inducing fear in weak minded citizens. Orwell was close with 1984, it just seems to be happening a few years later.

    Whoever posted that link on torrent freak, thanks. I've been thinking about these things a lot recently and that article is exactly in line with my thinking. Location, who you interact with, and all communications is recorded and authorities don't even need to obtain search warrants or perform any due diligence.

    If you do something someone doesn't like they can probably build any case they want about you and get whatever information they are looking for bypassing the constitution and bill of rights. The sad part is that most people are oblivious to this fact, and actually make it worse on themselves by willing posting their private lives on Facebook, twitter, etc.

    The only difference between the US and countries such as China & North Korea is that the fact that they are open about restricting peoples rights and freedoms where the US hides this fact. They are all doing the same thing.

    Knowledge is Power (appropriately timed Mortal Kombat reference). Those that understand and can build technology are our modern day freedom fighters. I would like to say I'm shocked that all communications are not encrypted at this point, but I'm sure there is pressure from the powers that be stalling this movement.

    Here are my predictions as time goes on. Encryption implementations will become illegal to share. Backdoors and spyware will be present in most things we buy. I predict an attack on open source software, stating that if facilitates illegal activity. Access to software tools (compilers, disassemblers) will be illegal. You will need some special government issued permit to gain access and they will try to monitor what you do with them.

    The difference between the government and Sony though is that they couldn't go through with this if we were not giving them our money. PLEASE PEOPLE, STOP PURCHASING SONY HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, MUSIC, AND MOVIES. SELL THESE THINGS OFF, AND CONVINCE AS MANY OTHER PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE NOT TO BUY SONY!

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    Liloolil Guest
    What about the people who don't use these USB-jailbreaks for piracy? A lot of people use these to backup their own games to the hard drive, to get less loading time in games, to prevent scratches on the disks, to have all their games in one place, and to give the blu-ray laser a longer lifetime. Can Sony do anything about these people? Are they doing something that is wrong?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    YES!!! It's still circumventing copy protection and is illegal no matter what way you try to justify it.

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    Liloolil Guest
    Then what about copy protected DVD's, it is legal to backup DVD's for personal use, in some countries around in Europe: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripping#Other_Countries

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    dekaspace Guest
    In some countries like mine its not illegal to BACKUP a dvd or game its illegal to break COPY PROTECTION.

    So what if a disc has no copy protection?

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    Field Guest
    The debate of piracy is always a funny thing. Most people would use these jailbreaking methods to pirate games. So what drives people to piracy. It's the cost! Here in Australia, games are $100AUD - which due to the aussie dollar doing so well is the same as the US dollar. Yet games are so expensive. Music CD and movies DVD/BluRay can be brought for under $20 dollars [even less].

    I'm a musician, have a band too, and know the costs of production in a recording studio - looking at $1000 AUD dollars a day just to record here in Melbourne (and at a semi pro studio). So you can imagine a big band spending close to a million dollars recording and producing a CD. Some band's producer fees can run up to a quarter of a million dollars - add promotion, mastering, mixing, etc and the costs rise. Yet the cost of a CD is $20 AUD sometimes less.

    A movie maker has the same problems. Avatar cost 500 million to make - yeah sure James Cameron can afford it, but once out of cinemas, the cost of buying it from the local JB Hi Fi is again $20 AUD. Blu ray more like $40 AUD or so.

    Game developer can have the same costs. Killzone 2 believed to have cost around 50 million USD to make over the 4 years. I'm hearing too that the mass costs of promotion and marketing is extreme for a video game. Look at Duke Nukem - that costs millions of marketing. Yet those costs are $80 - 100AUD

    I can understand the differences among the different media, but still the costs of games can be 5 times the price verses same media [Yes true that blu-ray vs cd or dvd, yet the Xbox360 media is still DVD9 - same as dvd movies]. The band that I'm in got 500 CD made - they cost us $2.50 to make [that cover, disc with coloured printing - everything] - so you can imagine the cost of cds are.

    Depending on the developer and the situation - Games developers get a certain amount of money to produce and make the game. Yet it's the publisher and big company that makes a lot of money. Heck look at the whole EA crap out with re-having to purchase an online code when buying second hand games. Greed!

    If the price of games were that of $20 AUD then piracy would take a fall. Today I just brought Left For Dead 2 for $19 [though granted it was pre-owned but looks in great condition], and Kameo for $9. Paying $108 for Call of Duty black ops is so over the top. Even second hand you're looking at $70 due to being a popular title

    Usual argument {Enjoyment} - I get more enjoyment out of a game ie Online play, DLC, MMO etc. But in saying that I also get enjoyment out of listening to the new 'Opeth' or 'Her Tortured Embrace' album and listening to said records more than once. Same with movies, same with books, same with other online media or personal vices.

    In the end it's greed that rears its ugly head. Greed from the major companies, greed from people like you and me.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hunterrr View Post
    this part explains a lot: "Sonyís reasons for requesting such a wide-reaching subpoena are two fold: First, they want to show how pervasive Hotzís PS3 jailbreak is. And second, they want to provide evidence that a large number of people in northern California downloaded the jailbreak file, which would help justify them suing Hotz in San Francisco rather his home-state of New Jersey."

    I don't think they're doing anything to the people that downloaded the file, just proving a point in the case to help win...
    That's what I stated in my last post. That's all this is about. People are getting paranoid for nothing. Sony is just trying to help their case and nothing more with this particular situation.

  8. #228
    NTA Guest
    sony is really opposed to hacking lol

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    oldschool400 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    That's what I stated in my last post. That's all this is about. People are getting paranoid for nothing. Sony is just trying to help their case and nothing more with this particular situation.
    Maybe people are just getting paranoid, maybe not. Some people don't mind the big corporations knowing what they do online. It's a basic civil liberty. Would you want the government to put a tap on your phone, because you could be a terrorist?

    I know thats a little extreme, but it's not THAT far from what we're dealing with. What we have is a corporation that will do absolutely anything to win. Guess what Sony. Your messing with the wrong bull. Robin Williams said it best; "It's not big brother you have to worry about anymore, it's little snitch.'

    Well guess what Sony, the internet is full of 'little snitches', and especially with the LG claim that you doing exactly the same frigging thing your accusing all of us of doing when we run homebrew. All those snitches (especially this one) will be watching your EVERY move VERY closely.

    'Those who live in glass houses, probably shouldn't throw stones.'

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    nafeasonto Guest
    Will Sony want the IPs, and people Home Address's of all the people who watched the "The Alyona Show" clip too?

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