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  1. #161
    zlRadio Guest
    I hope Geo will tell us how he was able to hack the PS3, if he does then Sony is screwed.

  2. #162
    modmate Guest
    Me too. Sounds like a early eminem.. He should sell that record to blame sony even more.


  3. #163
    Chivafighter Guest
    That was a crazy rap he did, but damn, this dude is cocky as hell.

  4. #164
    hunterrr Guest
    i like his face expression at 0:09 seconds into the video ROFL.

  5. #165
    changlo Guest
    Xbox360 - hacked from start.. = #1 console system
    Iphone = hacked from start = #1 phone

    Actually statically speaking, any electronics device in the past that has been hacked as become the most popular and highest selling unit... This can only help sony.

  6. #166
    barrybarryk Guest
    lol that's because no one hacks a product no one has, and if they did it wouldn't be big news.

  7. #167
    IslaTurbine Guest
    Friggin awesome. Get that dude a recording contract! Good luck GeoHot.

  8. #168
    daveshooter Guest
    I agree, look what happened to digi boxes and cable modems, everyone was selling them, and almost everyone wanted one.

  9. #169
    pjmiller435 Guest
    This should be in the billboard top 100 in my eyes, lmfao.

  10. #170
    NaTaS69 Guest
    ROFL if this gets on itunes.

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