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    doorman Guest
    The huge thing here for Sony is that it is trying to tie this all under the PSN Agreement. Heidari has demonstrated you don't have to agree to the PSN TOS to either download a copy of the firmware, or during the update.

    Now you're saying you know there's an agreement at update time right? Correct, but it is a different agreement, which has no clause for Sony to be able to choose California as the forum, and also is by Sony Computer Entertainment America, who isn't a party to this suit!

    With regard to the PSN TOS, the agreement is not a required step to access the 3.55 firmware and is not required to be entered into by end users to install the 3.55 Firmware onto a Playstation computer. Affidvait of Heidari. The 3.55 Firmware file may be accessed, without encountering any agreements, directly from the Sony website at LINK REMOVED or many other third party websites. Id. Upon installing the firmware, the only agreement encountered by an end user is an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. which is not a party in this lawsuit. Id. The agreement does not contain a forum selection clause and raises serious questions of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC‟s standing to bring this lawsuit. Id
    This is all extremely good news for geohot. And be on the lookout for a new firmware from Sony which has the PSN TOS agreement.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Yes he said" if you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me". This is classic $0NY, everyone knew that the ps3 was fully hacked before geohot ever released his downgrader to bring back legal features that $0NY removed by blackmailing people who had to choose between (1) losing Key features like linux!, ps3 to ps2 adapters that used to work, HDCD support, various GUI and SDK tweaks resulting in a Crappy cut down XMB!!!, Adding DRM that ruins playback of various image and video formats, adding ill-legal wire tapping to the console violating the Privacy Act just to spy on you to see what you watch, play, type, chat/do with your console that You Legally own!!!

    No more open remote play, BD live nes emulator Ext. AND (2) Being able to continue to watch new Bluray discs and games, browse the internet, use the PSN if you have high speed internet with no limit; A few other things promised at the time of purchasing your console.

    That is the biggest act of dictatorship since Stalin or Hitler!!!

    First off "We own what we buy" and they have no right to remove these features or Dictate what we will and wont do to our console! That's like me saying You own that TV but can't use the remote anymore to change the channel if you want to continue to view any movies on it. or better yet You buy a Audi with airbags,stereo, the whole package. And then take it to the mechanic only to find you can no longer use the radio, heater, air conditioner, and trunk, if you wish to continue driving at all.
    $0NY are part of a "corporate conglomerate dictatorship" that seek world domination and $H1T on civil rights taking more and more away from us all the time while trying to make sure we are dependent on them and only them. Using everything we do as market research trying to get us to spend money needed for actual living and retirement.

    That is just as bad as the so called "Fair Use" 5 gig a month bandwith restriction on so called "unlimited wireless internet". I go over that limit on dial up internet all the time and it doesnt cost $70 a month with insane penalty fees, only $7 and it has no limit!!.

    greedy greedy corporations that do things like that hurt the consumer and spread socialism!!
    Another good example is the oil industry artificially inflating prices of Gas and diesel to gain record profit every quarter! This happens all over now and bleeds our retirement funds dry while we frantically keep trying to keep a roof over our head, pay ridiculous artificially inflated energy and telecommunication costs, not to mention housing!! Enron destroyed California's energy market, and they have been in deeper debt all the time!

    Now we still refuse to learn from Corporate infiltration of government and Monopolies that continue to bankrupt the people and steal or extort our rights. As long as we support socialism like paying $120 a month for 1000 channels of tv when you watch only 9 of them and can't buy them individually because... Cry..Cry... Sniffle...90% of them would no longer be in business cause not enough people watch them, they suck. In my closing statements, "Competition drives performance and promotes higher quality items for consumers," and not the "everyone get a trophy for playing, even if they loose"!

    George Hotz is a patriot fighting for our hard earned civil rights!!! He has broken no laws that I know of. $0Ny knew he did not do it, but needed someone to blame. He offered his advice on the yet to be announced ps4 on a website. How can you call that extortion for a job when your major argument has nothing to do with the current PS3 case. He said "your next console" as in everybody knows the ps3 is completely hacked long before these TDMs were added to the newer firmwares. $0nY's EGO hates getting FREE pity advice from someone who dosn't agree with there decision to remove advertised features like linux. $0Ny blames him because he has public recognition and nothing more.

    They are trying to use scare tactics and blackmail against someone who did nothing wrong because they can't figure out who leaked the jig info, or the official SDK from China to begin with. $0NY wants to punish someone, too bad they do business in china which is famous for piracy and corporate espionage of all kinds and bitch when the obvious happens. UHHH maybe $0NY should take some responsibility and stop blaming innocent people for your failure and mis-management of internal resources. What a load of crap $0ny, whiny whiny punish everybody else for your mistakes and then b!tch when people fight back when you steal advertised features and wont take responsibility!!!

    Doorman You are sooo right! Good to see someone pays attention and gets people thinking!

    $0Ny will get counter sued for slander, filing a false court document, perjury, and defamation of character. lying to the court is 5 years alone $0NY, not to mention pain and suffering as this could really hurt geohot's Reputation and make it harder for him to make a living. $0NY, is your legal department sniffing paint or something. They must be high or mentally impaired to "Knowingly and willfully commit perjury, in an attempt to extort money or other financial gain for alleged damages" and file false reports. Did $0NY find there legal team in the "I dropped out of college to sniff glue club" seriously, this will get thrown out.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Is any one else as curious as I am as to who these "100 Doe's" are?!?
    1. Bushing

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    sikkush Guest
    just give everything he knows to everyone and let us do what ever we want with it.. that way he would be giving it to them go. how sick would that be it would look like a seen for the move hackers lol

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    dyceast Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by piisexactly3 View Post
    AFAIK the hardware is the property of the person who bought it, the software (GameOS etc) remain property of Sony and the user only licences it (hence the EULA).
    This is what I thought too...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I just wish they would ALLOW us not to agree to use their software... agreements usually negotiations and alternatives... but in this case you either use Sony's stuff and their EULA... or you use it without their permission, because there is absolutely no legal way to remove it, its worse than integrated Internet Explorer... they have a bloody monopoly on how we choose to video game on our own property for the sole reason being "they don't want us to" use it any other way.

    In fact they are so anti-competitive for software on the PS3 they removed the only source of competition... which they handicap'ed to begin with (not only by not assisting in 3D driver's, but by blocking access to the RSX's abilities almost entirely)

    Ughh! So angry at the situation that binds us all... the inability to truly own our PS3's we've paid for.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Sorry for the rant, I just hate hearing about frivolous lawsuits and think $0Ny is after the wrong person, they should be looking for "The One Armed Man." LOL Geohot will probably be OK because of all the initial confusion and mis-information regarding the TRO and the complaints listed in it.

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    farenheit Guest
    Well the TRO has been officially granted! Sucks Big Time!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks farenheit, I will update the first post as well.. it appears GeoHot has also now censored his site since he's subject to the TRO.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Honestly, i feel a tiny bit of sorrow for the guy. But he made his bed, now he has to lay in it!

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