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Thread: Sony Takes Legal Action Against Infamous PS3 Hacker GeoHot

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    kablooey Guest
    Im always glad to read this kind of news.. I hope he gets what is coming to him.

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    fwydu Guest
    How can it be "unauthorized" if it is his and he bought it? The PS3 does not belong to Sony when it is purchased, lol. makes no sense, but then common sense is rare in some courtrooms...

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    piisexactly3 Guest
    AFAIK the hardware is the property of the person who bought it, the software (GameOS etc) remain property of Sony and the user only licences it (hence the EULA).

    "Custom" firmware is based around unauthorised modification of Sony's proprietary asset. Users of GameOS agree to the T&Cs of the EULA when they first turn on the system and whenever they update the system (you don't need to sign on / use PSN to agree to the EULA of the OS).

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    talruum Guest
    If they want to be marty, let them be. I sincerely want to know if everyone, every nickname from the scene will fill a legal form to be on failoverflow/geohot side, or simple will turn back to them. Hipocrit world. Why everyone is now thinking: "OMG!" ?

    IF, and only IF, we, the consumers, fight together, the cause is already lost. I doubt if someone can lead us all to a happy ending. Let pray for the judge. He/She must have an open mind and strength to teach a lesson to us all.

    It's sad to remember the kids shouting out: "bastard geohot, you dont release anything", and few days later: "yhhaaa geohot, you're the guy". Where are these kids now? Sincerely, my 3 consoles are bought with my own money... momma doesnt pay a penny. And with "educational purposes only" I can do what I want with it, INSIDE my home, and just it.

    Yes we can create new things, but in scientific way. In science you need to have a hypotesis and then try to proove it or not, and them, in legal ways, promote your discovers (these days you need to be filiated on some kind of university and publish your work on some kind of scientific magazine, and a comitee will judge if your work deserve to be published, if they dont like it or you just did it by lucky, you'll be called a fake, a copier, a lunatic, a loser - yeah you need to be "from the circle", other way you're OUT).

    Stop you all thinking bs about you can do everything when you want. This isn't anarchy. Need to play by the rules, even if you want to show the world that the rule is wrong.

    People tend to confuse the velocity and facility of Internet with "free speech". Careful guys, the fish die from his mouth. I can remember the days when an good exploit was private for years. Yeah, years. I known people who hacked things you cant imagine and never will, and they will never be caught, and know why? Because they thinked twice and change their lives. Married and have children now, and moved on. Now these "skillfull" friends I have, work on IBM/Yahoo/Apple/MS, with a nice mercedes on the garage.

    Unfortunely, life in this world we know isnt fair. Never had. Every single martyr from the past history of humanity die fighting, and the world still's a mess. People fight for money, for food, for water, for their beliefs, their gods... for nothing at all. And forget about compassion. Going to where? Total mass destruction? Mass consumption of the world?

    Geohot and failoverflow for sure doenst did what they did to harm no one, but some people judge what they did wrong. Let the society decide. Unfortunely, who will judge them are our grandpa's who know NOTHING about our actual world. They will judge they based 90% om obsolete laws. And NO, MATRIX does not exist. Neo won't come to rescue them to take the blue pill.

    Let me teach one thing, if I can teach something to you of course. Don't miss understand me, I'm dont' trying to be arrogant, it's just an advice.

    Be anonymous, use tor or something like that, crypt your stuff inside a hidden filesystem, hidden inside another, crypted and signed, and record the passphrase only on your mind. Yeah, be a little paranoid, throw your ego away, control it. Stop to waste your brain cells and your creativity writing software code that will never lead you to anything. Be proud of yourself, wrote codes that will change the world in a good way.

    Sorry to say, but underground is no more. It doesnt exist anymore. Even efnet is sniffed 24/7 by the feds. But when it existed before, one time underground, underground for all your life. You cant change sides without real world consequences. Just think you about it, ok? I really hope to help some new guys who see "their heroes" be recognized as criminals. Be smart. Go to college and get a career. Change this for the good.

    Sorry for being skeptical, but I really can't see the light yet. Hope someone help with my thoughts.

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    Apr 2005
    Some of these are dupes from those posted earlier, but here is an update from sangreal:
    The best reading is #04.pdf, which is 280+ pages of printouts from various forums, websites, etc.

    And Sony has not been idle either. They filed new papers showing that forum users have been cloning and mirroring the various GIT's, also noting that at one point Mr. Hotz had removed the 'root key' from his website. It is clear that Sony has been keeping an Eagle Eye on all the sites practically minute by minute!

    Attached below is all the latest files, the three zips, thanks to sangreal and our own official C-S11-167G archive from our internal source, but sadly it was missing the #04.pdf (280pages), that sangreal included!

    New date:YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT plaintiff’s motion for temporary restraining order has been scheduled for argument on Friday, January 14, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.

    At today's hearing I guess the Judge granted Sony's motion to file under seal the exhibits that contain confidential info like the keys and how to obtain them
    I will continue to update this thread until the next major break in the case, at which point we will start a new site news article/discussion thread basically.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I never thought it would happen... but Kratos is not my favourite hero anymore... I'm sorry dude, but David S. Touretzky has topped you now! I like this professor's attitude. He knows what is happening in the whole world, unlike $ony who thinks their little world is all that matters! YOU GO DAVID!!!

    AT Kratos... if David messes up once you are back on top matey!!!

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    ga114 Guest
    This is actually a good thing, i'm sure he's pretty upset now considering he only did this for homebrew purposes.

    i remember reading up that he wanted to work with the companies in the future but this will most probably mean he will start working on the newer ps3 hardware asap

    also they don't have much on him so i don't think we should be too worried, everything he did was completely legal.

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    farenheit Guest
    New date: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT plaintiff’s motion for temporary restraining order has been scheduled for argument on Friday, January 14, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.

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    marc2590 Guest
    after reading geohot's "opposition to ex parte motion for temporary restraining order" i believe he has a really strong case to have it dismissed. i mean the TRO not the actual charges. so he might not lose all of his work and be able to release a proper CFW

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    tifozi1 Guest
    Blame that BBC interviewer as well who took things out of context and quoted geohot as saying "he is scared of being sued". That reporter is probably chuckling now since he has a new story to report.

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