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    mcelvin112 Guest


    is this only psn account or your whole ps3 is doomed?

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    sammy3417 Guest
    I am going to jailbreak my PS3 as I am pissed with Sony for taking otherOS out! I don't care about palying games online! I think Sony should have taken these facts into account when they removed a feature that I did use! They pushed it this way Oh and I think the jailbreak team will just release this exploit on the net now anyway! If they can't have then why should Sony?

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    lordjone Guest
    Now or soon it doesn't matter when, this will probably happen.
    So it's not important if sony check the app id or MAC because them are
    spoofable; the problem resides in the sent log or whatever it is, so we
    must find out what our ps3 send to sony and force it to send fake data.
    Now my question is...isn't this a violation of our privacy?

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    Greazy Guest
    that looks so fake lol. but its inevitable about the bann hammer sony will hit people hard. I would be suprised if sony just sat and watched and does nothing about it but I highly doubt that. but also what if there is a way to get otheros back with this than could the user argue the point that sony took something away that was bought from the start and you used it to re enable the feature and only made backup copies of games you really owned. thats what I plan to do is only make backups of games I own so 1 I dont have to keep changing disc's and 2 that the original stays in mint condition!

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    How accurate is that? If all of the log data is on the HDD, then why not simply swap with a "clean" HDD before going online?
    That's exactly the type of question I posted in another section of the forums.

    I think the real question about using this method would be, is the log kept solely on the hdd? If so, then you should be able to swap hdd's to stay undetectable by Sony.

    Any devs out there can confirm this?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by apples7 View Post
    i'm using my phone internet for my ps3 so can they still track me from my phone ip address.
    Sony don't care about IP - all it needs is your PSN ID(s) and Consle ID - you'll get banned independent of WHERE are you connecting from.

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    tremendazo Guest
    Thats exaclty what im planning on doing. I am currently waiting on my new ps3 hd to get here. In the meanwhile what i am doing is keeping all of the backups in an external HD, whenever I want to play online, i just delete the backup manager and unplug the external Hd and Psgroove.

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    Luckluka Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lohr View Post
    If it's fake or not, bans based on this backup manager ID are most likely going to occur. The ID of the backup manager could possibly be changed to avoid this, that is until Sony downloads it, and figures the new one out. Now if all of this leads to homebrew, it's probably possible to create an application to spoof the mac address to avoid being banned.
    You actually do think that sony STILL haven't downloaded the backupmanager ?

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    mondoparalelo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Osirisx View Post
    an elementry school kid aged 5 could do a better job translating that Itlian it's awful. anyway ban hammer will come eventualy
    this was setup just to get hits on that site I think.

    if you do that wont the other hdd get erased wheny ou put it back in?
    No. It would only happen if the HDD in question wasn't formatted by the very PS3 in which you're connecting it to. Each PS3 has it's own key for encrypting the HDD and that's why a console will format any HDD formatted by another PS3 or computer.
    But if the HDD was encrypted by your PS3, the it would recognize the encryption and allow it to run normally, despite the fact that it was removed and then placed back.

    So it seems it would actually be a first simple solution to the problem, assuming the logs are kept only on the HDD and that Sony doesn't make implementations to create new ways of preventing it, like storing the logs somewhere else or forcing the HDD to be formatted every time it gets disconnected from the console.

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    Osirisx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
    You actually do think that sony STILL haven't downloaded the backupmanager ?
    there is a good chance that if you try and spoof the mac of the PS3 sony wont allow you to connect to PSN as they proberly have several million MAC addreses accioated to them that they hand out to every ps3 they make.so trying to spoof it with anoter sony one, perhaps one you stole from a ps3 in bestbuy etc they will also ban you.

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