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Thread: Sony Sues Graf Chokolo for 1 Million Euros, He's Still PS3 Hacking!

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Amen, totally agree with you there. I mean look at Xbox, it was modded and jtagged up but they still make billions and billions. Heck, they make almost a billion a year charging for xbox live. They just ban the consoles and thats the end of the story, its that simple. No need to waste all this time and money trying to get ppl who are only have good intentions.

    I mean I would of thought they would have sued/bullied ppl who enabled piracy on the consoles, not geohot who just jailbroke and graf who only brought linux back which sony took away! it's ludacris! they need to hire these two and a few others then their consoles would be fully secured, just ludacris.

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    Krachwas Guest
    Hotter than Geohot great work from our country germany... proud of it


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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Wow! Mad props to graf_chokolo. It's so relieving to see someone else with such drive and passion for what they believe is right. This guy is my new hero.

    I hope... no let me rephrase that. I know Sony will ultimately bite the big one over all this eventually. It's just a matter of time really. Next-gen, upcoming-gen whatever you wanna call it, I feel the manufacturers like Sony, Microsuck, etc will all need to switch their thinking to be able to survive. Open-source is where it's at now and I believe the future is more aimed towards indie game devs. If Sony doesn't get their head out of their butts and come to realize that people should be able to create their own content and add it to the system's store, then I firmly believe it's only a matter of time before they get the good 'ol dildo of justice shoved between their tightly clenched asscheeks. I look forward to that day.

    Its either that or they are gonna have to move the hell outta the way for some new companies/individuals to come in who are willing to accept those terms. Everyone should be free to do what they please on these systems. Licenses and EULAs are nothing but artificial binds that the big companies use to hide their unethical/immoral treatment of their once loyal customers. They WILL be broken one day and we will all be free from their BS! I look forward to that day...very much.

    Never forget Sony and all you big corps., that WE are the true decision makers. WE decide what happens in our world. If we don't like what you are doing, we will simply replace you. You should never forget who pays for you to have the "policing" job that you believe you own. We made you what you are, we CAN destroy you just the same... Never forget that. Companies were NOT created to own the people. The people will ALWAYS be the ones in charge.

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    SaveU Guest
    Graf... wow. If what you stated in your post is true... power to you. I support your quest for knowlege and fight for freedoms.

    However if you are just doing this for the community, please revisit your decisions. You are making some serious decisions that will have a HUGE impact on the rest of your life. You are at a crossroads that you will look back at in 10 years, and scrutinize your choice.

    The question is... will you be happy with what you did now?

    If yes, Power to you graf... you have great courage.

    If no, then do what you must... the community will understand, as they don't have a million dollar bill hanging over their heads for it.

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    IanJ Guest
    Can anyone point me to a list of $ony partners that they supply technology to? I want to make sure I never spend another $ to help them.

    This is someone who some may have called a fanboy. I have spent $10's of thousands on their products over the years.

    No more.

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    gygabyte666 Guest
    I already started this awhile back... Just been waiting for others to follow. Let's hit em in the only place that matters... their wallets

    Everyone just needs to go on a Sony-cashcow-freeze. Afterall, what is more important to people, getting their new game/DLC/etc or keeping their freedoms & liberties intact? We should seriously dedicate a day or better to not buying anything. We've always held the cards, people forget this I think.

    Sure, Sony is loaded so it'll take awhile but it probably won't take as long as some think. Look at how poorly their PS3 sales did in the first place. We can easily drop a crater in that one!

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    Bishoff Guest
    What bothers me so much is the fact we don't see this getting any attention from the big news giants. I wish there could be some way to get one of these high level reporters attention to write these stories of how this awful company sues kids for simply exploring other uses of hardware they paid for. Running Linux has nothing to do with piracy yet they claim it does.

    We need the public to become more aware and start a trend to not buy Sony products anymore since they claim you never really own it and must use it in a way they approve.

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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Points to post above... I can hear it now, all over the news. "Hackers, modders and homebrewers have started boycotting against the mega corporation, Sony. Claiming to have been wrongfully marked as pirates and convicts by the company."

    Errrm... something along those lines anyway.

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    nafeasonto Guest
    Wow, you have to respect this guy for his passion. In the midst of hopelessness, he still has hope. Now THAT is a strong man.

    To this hacker, I give you this quote: "Because to take away a man's freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet and not a person."

    -Madeleine L'engle

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    costocart Guest
    Sony is getting very desperate to prevent people from using the ps3 'properly'. respect to you Graf C...

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