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    OGroteKoning Guest
    What a man!!! He is so at ease with his situation. Truly a mark of a man at peace. I thought he is just another dev who likes reverse engineering and does great work... but... this gives us all new insight in the person behind the name... I have never felt such respect for anyone I do not know personally. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! Alexander Egorenkov - good luck!!

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    Dominator7 Guest
    graf makes me cry, i understand his need for programming and knowledge and he is so real. keep up man.

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    isotrex Guest
    haha. Sony is wasting money on these people when they could help other needy people especially the third world. Do some philanthropy and create some good image on their end. In this case, Sony is the evil corporation that everyone will be pissed off.

    Just know that my support goes to all the people who fight for their freedom especially with the recent Egypt and Libya issues. Same goes for these hackers to graf_chokolo, fail0verfl0w, geohot and others. Just keep fighting until they face the truth that evil corporations (new world order) ahahaha has no place in this world.

  4. #14
    Studs Guest
    Fair balls to ya Graf. Definatly have my respect for standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in. Hell ide give you 750 grand, if i had anywhere near that amount, just so you could pay $ony off!!! Just so you could keep your passion for the HV knowledge.

  5. #15
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Can we all just boycott Sony permanently already? Seriously? I can hear the crickets and see the tumbleweed already. I can't be alone in this...

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    D3S4NN Guest
    RESPECT goes to graf_chokolo !!! i've never saw such a genious!! You're our man!!!

    (sorry for my language I'm german too)

  7. #17
    ST0RM53 Guest
    Someone once said: Money and property can be stolen or destroyed... but knowledge can't be taken from you.. it's yours forever... (or another one that knowledge is the best investment you can make) this applies 100% to Graf Chokolo... and i don't think that Graf Chokolo was stupid enough to leave any incrimination files... probably Sony will pay and put such files on his hard drives... in this world where everything is corrupted and driven by money, the TRUE FREEDOM has became illegal.

    Now beliefs doesn't matter... I am personally Christian, because i was made to, and i haven't had the chance to choose for myself...but that is just a word written on the papers... If it was a free world we all have to be studying all beliefs first, and then choose if we want to believe in something.. now i only believe in myself.. or not even to myself... if all this people which are Christians believed truly then p2p would be legal... coz Christ said to share everything with other people..but now money rules the world... we live in a fake freedom, in a world of illusion. My 5c.

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    Tepoo Guest
    because of the fact that i live in germany too, i can imagine why he doesn't care.

    the German Chaos Computer Club also never gets any punish if they hack a system or software. never saw that someone of the CCC got jailed or punished.. he won't get either i think.

    but interesting that he looks onto the bd drive. i hope some day we dont need hdd backups, and can burn our games onto a blank bd disc.

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    condorstrike Guest
    BTW guys if you read the whole story you'll see he was working on "Storage Manager" which he didn't finish cause of the raid, which he would use to authenticate HW keys from BD media, but as of now I think you can only Read, not write commands. Meaning that PS2 backups would be a possibility if his Linux Storage Manager tool could/can write to it through atapi commands and edit the .self, and if possible applied to a backup manager.

    that is big news by itself... mad props. Graf Chokolo, tremendous HV work.

    Edit: This is messed up, found this in a comment in his Linux kernel hacking page.
    Sony says:
    February 23, 2011 at 5:59 pm

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    mcx997 Guest
    I wish good luck to Graf_Chokolo. And I hope he will NOT lose !! We love you, bro !!!

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