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    DaedalusMinion Guest

    Post Sony on Recent PS3 Hacks, PSN Security Updates Incoming

    Today Sony has finally spoken out against the recent PS3 Hacks stating they plan to fix the security breaches through a series of PlayStation Network updates including fraudulently unlocked PS3 Trophies.

    To quote from ComputerAndVideoGames.com (linked above): "Earlier this week, hackers completely tore apart the console's few remaining lines of defence against running unauthorised code, and subsequently released the first custom PS3 firmware.

    Sony has remained quiet on the issue until now, having just told our friends at Edge: "We are aware of this, and are currently looking into it. We will fix the issues through network updates, but because this is a security issue, we are not able to provide you with any more details."

    Hacking groups don't believe this will be possible though, telling the BBC: The complete console is compromised - there is no way back. The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware. Sony will have to accept this."

    Sony went on to tell CVG the following, to quote: "We are aware of this, and are currently looking into it," an SCEE spokesperson told CVG. "We will fix the issues through network updates, but because this is a security issue, we are not able to provide you with any more details."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    StoneCutter91 Guest
    Network updates? Haha looks like Sony's lost on ideas here then.

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    anulu82 Guest
    well, it took days to Sony to say something about this. maybe the press peoples in Japan don't know what this all means. network update?

    anyways. the all-awaited game (GT5, who doesn't know... ) has been released, and if it still working after this "network update", i don't feel that i have to update my console...

  4. #4
    imdbowlgod Guest
    i'm thinking they mean update the network to try to detect cfw.

  5. #5
    anulu82 Guest
    well, then: for install games / apps use cfw (in worst scenario with lan cable unplugged) and for gaming / PSN / etc the normal FW

  6. #6
    Jordandyckes Guest
    Is it even possible to detect the firmware? Considering the firmware versions the same as the Official and How do they receive the information because surely it could be forged in CFW like a Build Number? and Does the PS3 currently even transmit such information?

    Lol, I think Sony have to finely accept that they've been defeated and I think they could have done better, but no security is ever unhackable.

    Just need CFW with FTP Server, Linux Support and may be enable PS2 emulation on slims as my PC handles it fine with PCSX2 with a i5 Dual Core at 3.2GHz and Nvidia 9600M.

    Fingers Crossed, may be a Map Editor for Call Of Duty: Black Ops so we can make custom Zombie Levels, and levels for Multiplayer Split-Screen or for World At War until the PC Editor for Black Ops is released...

    Exciting times, might even get a better download manager on the console with multi-threading and segmented downloads.

    Happy Sony best not be able to stop this going online :S I got KaKaRoToKs CFW and I cannot revert back to OFW due to an error...

  7. #7
    anulu82 Guest
    i hope also that... btw, i could revert from 1.1 and 1.0 to orig. not yet tested with 1.2. fat 60GB.

  8. #8
    Turk645 Guest
    Should be interesting to see how sony reacts in the next few months as more signed homebrew comes out. Personally i just want ps2 and ps1 playback the most since my actual ps2 is starting to die on me, think its the reading lense going bad.

  9. #9
    lothsun Guest
    Man, i bet sony is mad about this one. especially when they figure out its hardware and not firmware related.

  10. #10
    condorstrike Guest
    "We will fix the issues through network updates" and I'll get to the moon on my air-balloon.

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